Catch Live Baseball Games Online: Three Ways to Enjoy the Action at

Many major league baseball fans are fortunate enough to live near their favorite baseball team. They listen to games on the radio, watch them on live television, and cheer loudly at the local ballpark.

But for baseball fans living (or traveling) far from a favorite team’s hometown, enjoying games throughout the season can be difficult. Fortunately,, the official Web site of Major League Baseball, offers three terrific ways for fans across the nation and around the world to follow each baseball game of the regular season on their computer, live. Here is a brief summary of the options and instructions on how to access them:


The best option for out-of-town fans is to watch live baseball games online on’s “MLB.TV.” MLB.TV broadcasts every game (barring blackout restrictions) throughout the season in high-quality streaming video. It’s easy to set up an account, and once you do, you are free to watch live baseball games online as much as you wish.

MLB.TV works on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems, and on most browsers. A high-speed Internet connection is required (video quality will vary depending on the quality of your high-speed connection). For more information on system requirements, visit (choose the MLB.TV icon at the top of the page, and then “System Requirements” in the lower right hand corner of the next page).

Once you meet the system requirements, it’s time to set up an account and purchase your subscription. Again, go to, and select the MLB.TV icon at the top of the home page. Next, select the option that’s best for you, and click “Buy.” You’ll have two choices. As of the 2006 season, one month of service costs $14.95 and includes over 300 games. Or, you can pay $49.95 for the entire season. You must pay with a credit card. If you are new to, you will also need to set up a username and password.

When you have set up and paid for an account, you can access games at the main MLB site via the MLB.TV link or at your team’s individual site. Just sign in using your username and password and you can watch live baseball games online to your heart’s content!

2. Gameday Audio

A second option for baseball fans is to listen to live baseball games online using’s “Gameday Audio.” This is an excellent option for those who don’t want to pay for MLB.TV, don’t meet the system requirements-or who just prefer a radio broadcast (with your hometown broadcasters calling the game).

Unlike MLB.TV, Gameday Audio works with both dial-up and high-speed Internet connections. You’ll need to create an account and pay with a credit card before listening to your first broadcast. Go to and position your cursor over the “Audio & Video” link near the top of the page. From the drop-down menu, select “Gameday Audio” and “Get It Now” on the next page to purchase. The cost for the season is a very reasonable $14.95. Gameday Audio is not subject to blackout restrictions, so you can listen to every game of the regular season (Gameday Audio does not air live postseason games. Some non-US areas may be able to watch live postseason games as part of their subscription to MLB.TV. Call 1-866-800-1275 for details.).

Please note that a subscription to MLB.TV or Gameday Audio is automatically renewed the following season (or month). This is important to know ahead of time so that you can cancel-should you want to-before the next period. Do not wait until the next billing date has passed.’s customer service can be inefficient, so call as early as possible. Cancellation information should be included in your subscription email confirmation.

3. Gameday

The third option for following live baseball games online is “Gameday,” a feature that allows you to follow each pitch and play of the game. The information updates as the game unfolds so that you can keep abreast of all the action in real time. Best of all, it’s free! To launch Gameday, visit your individual team’s site during gametime, and click on the “Gameday” link near the linescore.

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