Colon Cleanse Through Colon Irrigation

The concept of colonic irrigation – a method used to cleanse the colon – is likely centuries old, and has been used in almost every known culture to help prevent disease, detoxify the body, and generally improve the well-being of patients all over the world. Colon irrigation is a process by which the waste build-up, harmful toxins and even parasites are flushed from the colon.

While there are surgical and other medical alternatives to colon irrigation, it is sometimes the most effective method for colon cleansing. Most patients look for non-invasive, inexpensive procedures when at all possible, and colon irrigation offers both. Natural colon irrigation has no side effects and can be completed in a matter of thirty minutes to an hour.

Colon Irrigation Kits
There are several colon irrigation kits available for personal home-use colon cleansing. This allows an individual to perform colon irrigation without the embarrassment or the added stress that might come with a visit to a doctor or a colon specialist. This is also preferable for patients who suffer from chronic colon problems, and are likely to perform colon irrigation several times each year. Colon irrigation kits are quite inexpensive, and can be sold under several different names (i.e. Home Colonics Kit, Colon Hydrotherapy Kit, Colon Cleansing Kits).

Colon Irrigation: Who can Benefit?
Patients who suffer from bad breath odor, chronic headaches, nausea or vomiting, abdominal pain, sleep disorders, irritability, chronic depression, fatigue, lower back pain or a marked loss of appetite are most likely to benefit from colon irrigation. It is advisable to seek the opinion of a trained colon specialist, however, before choosing a product or treatment option. Pregnant women should not undergo colon irrigation, and neither should women who are currently being treated for colon or intestinal cancer.

Oxygenated Colon Irrigation
Oxygenated colon irrigation is even more effective than traditional methods because the oxygenated water will remove toxins and waste by-products easier than a simple water colon cleanse. The oxygenated bubbles serve to “scrub” the colon and lower intestine of attached fecal matter and other waste.

Colon irrigation with Hydrogen Peroxide
As with oxygenated colon irrigation, a colon cleanse treatment using hydrogen peroxide is more effective than the pure-water colon cleanse, and both should be performed only by an experienced colon cleanse specialist. There is potential for complications when using hydrogen peroxide, and it is better to be in a medical facility where those problems can be rectified immediately.

Patients who have used colon irrigation report an almost immediate sense of change. Their symptoms, which may include irritability, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, back pain, headaches, and more will be relieved almost as soon as the colon cleanse has been completed. This is the perfect, inexpensive solution for people who cannot afford or who don’t want to undergo more expensive and invasive colon procedures.

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