Comparison Shopping

The market is filled with new television sets, many of which have the capability for high definition (HD) viewing. However, the average consumer may not know exactly where to find the best deal or which brand has the best options. Luckily, the internet has myriad options for sorting through the competition and finding the best deal.

The most obvious choices in HDTV comparison shopping are electronic store sites, including Best Buy. Most of these sites allow you to compare several different brands of HDTV at one time, giving you an online spreadsheet on pricing and functions. As well, these sites offer a greater ability to service customer needs by offering online, phone, and in-store service.

Another place to compare HDTV prices is Amazon, the completely online retailer. Amazon allows you to look at consumer reviews, prices on their site and other sites, as well as offering an easy method of purchasing electronic accessories for a new HDTV. In addition to these options, Amazon also features a secure method of purchasing used HDTVs and other items.

Finally, there are a plethora of online review and comparison sites that consumers can use to make an informed decision. A popular site is, which offers a side-by-side comparison tool and a list of stores that carry a particular brand of HDTV. As well, thousands of consumers contribute to this site with reviews of electronics and other products, lending the site credibility among more skeptical consumers. Similar sites include and

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