Coracle Incorporated Brings Highly Successful Technology in Use by Hundreds of Realtors to the Auto Business:

When the company that eventually became Coracle Incorporated began, it was intended to automate my job, which was ‘Internet Manager’ of a large automotive group. It was simply an idea to do my job better and to make it possible for car buyers to find me, Israel Rothman, in a sea of car salesmen and women.

When my boss could not understand what I was trying to do and to provide to him for free, I quit, and started my own company.
The target market was the industry I was in: automotive. Unfortunately no one yet understood the term ‘organic first page search engine recognition’; all they knew was how to buy expensive print, TV, and PPC (pay per click) search engine advertising. Also, I was afraid to fairly price the product I had invented so I kept the price low, believing that the decision makers would take me seriously if I kept it really inexpensive. Well, so much for those ideas!

There are other markets besides automotive, and I turned to those. I found a more ready audience: we have sold millions of dollars of the service to realtors and other businesses (and a few auto-related businesses), and we have become the number one provider of search engine placement for the real estate industry: see: Real Estate Magazine articles about Coracle, and also: Coracle online marketing

Now that we have had success in ther fields, we are turning back to my original target market: the Automotive business. Because our business is strong and growing, we are announcing the launch of our new auto-related BETA project Coracle Super ISS�®, at,
Livermore Auto Group are Ford, Chrysler and Jeep and Lincoln-Mercury franchises in Livermore, California.
They are in a highly competitive market where every buyer is important and they decided to take an aggressive push at being first on every relevant search result for their products on all eight major search engines.

Now, like our real estate and other clients, has superior and exclusive first page placement for their chosen searches in their market (IE: almost every ‘make, model, city, state’ search they desire). To see this for yourself, just go to any search engine and enter Chrysler Service Livermore California-number one on every major search engine! Everyone looking for service on the Internet for their Chrysler in Livermore will be brought to Livermore Auto Group!

This is accomplished by a combination of proprietary methods whereby a symbiotic relationship exists between:

1. Our proprietary technologies;
2. Our subscribers;
3. The search engines

With Coracle everybody wins: the search engines want the data: whether it is auto inventory or real estate listings, without having to find it; and we feed it and maintain it to them in just the formats they like. In return, we can place THREE and THREE ONLY franchises on top in any City.

Imagine an auto dealership with first page search engine recognition for virtually every year make and model of everything they have ever sold when added to their city, state searches within their area. How much do you think that would that cost on just one search engine, much less all of them, by any other method?

Well, Coracle Super ISS�® costs less for an entire year that you spend on your Sunday advertising, most likely!

Ask yourself these questions:
1. “When was the last time any one I know responded to a full page ad in the newspaper trying to sell an auto?”
2. “How much do those ads cost?”
3. “What is happening to the circulation of newspapers?”
4. “Where is my budget best spent these days?”

If you are not spending more on Internet marketing to bring more sales to your franchise, you’re missing the the profits and gravy that the Internet can bring to you.

Contact me and I will put YOUR franchises on top of all eight major search engines – -GUARANTEED or your money back!

Israel Rothman, Chief of Product Development for Coracle Incorporated can be reached at or at 925 913-0024.

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