Creative Ways to Decorate Christmas Gifts of Jam Jars

Homemade preserves are a wonderful gift for any occasion, especially Christmas. They are ideal when money is tight or when wanting to give gifts from the heart instead of presents from a store. The jars can be decorated in eye-catching and highly impressive new ways. Instead of just giving them as they are, use these easy ways to decorate the lids and/or glass. After they are creatively embellished, they should not be tucked away on a pantry shelf or in a cabinet. They will be more than just a sweet treat. They can become part of the recipient’s kitchen decorating scheme if the room is traditional, rustic or has quaint cottage style.

Cover the Lids and Rings with Round Doilies and Lace

Jam jars are often covered with crocheted or knitted cozies that are designed to decorate the plain glass containers. They are fantastic Christmas gifts if you know how to crochet or knit. They can be made in any color or combination of hues. Round crocheted doilies are even more beautiful because they are highly detailed and lacy. Unlike jar cozies, they are readily available in stores. You do not have to knit or crochet to achieve the same style. Center a doily of your choice over a jar, and tie a narrow satin ribbon around the neck.

Add Burlap, Jute Twine and a Small Wooden Spoon

If something rustic is more your style, or that of the recipient, decorate gifts of homemade jam with burlap. If you plan on giving gifts of jam to a number of people, buy it by the yard. Cut it into strips that are two inches wide. Wrap it around each jar, and use hot glue to keep it in place. To make your homemade Christmas presents even more impressive, use a piece of natural jute twine to attach a small wooden spoon to each jar along with a homemade tag.

Decorate the Lids with Cupcake Liners

When preparing jars of jam to give as Christmas gifts, at least make the lids more colorful. Remove the rings, and use pretty cupcake liners to cover the bare metal. If you do not have cupcake liners in a winter holiday theme, opt for scrapbook paper instead. Use an extra lid as a stencil to make paper decorations that will fit perfectly beneath the rings. Attach the paper with tiny dots of E6000 adhesive, or do not attach them at all. The rings will keep them securely in place and enhance the jars for the occasion.

Source: Advanced Crafting Experience

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