DIY Home Repairs that will Surprise Your Wife

If you are married, it’s safe to say that you probably have a honey-do-list. That’s kind of a prerequisite for marriage…right? Not much makes a wife happier than being surprised by her husband taking care of something on the honey-do-list. Need some help with a surprise? Here is a short list of items that show up on those honey-do-lists. Many you can pull off in a day or so. Some things you will be able to do yourself, others you may need a friend to help.

1.Does your wife struggle to get that old shower head clean? Change out the shower head. Get rid of that old “standard” and get one of those big shower heads. You can pull this off pretty easily. A trip to your local hardware store will offer a lot of choices. All you need is a few tools and you can have it changed out in no time. If you want to surprise her you can easily do this while she is grocery shopping. Just remember to clean up the mess!

2.Whether it is the mess in the garage that drives your wife crazy or the mess in the laundry room, building the shelves she has been asking you for will definitely make her happier. You will need to plan this one in advance. You can buy precut shelving and have it up in no time. For the real handy man it won’t take long to measure, cut and hang.

3.Has she expressed a desire to have a nice place to sit outside? If this is on her list, you can do an amazing job of laying pavers for a nice patio. This is one of those jobs that might require a helper. You will need to choose pavers that blend as well as compliment the area where you are placing them. Make sure the ground is good and level and get those pavers down. Send her on a girls retreat with a friend for the weekend. This will give you plenty of time.

4.Want to do something more elaborate than a patio? You can. Of course, you will need more than one friend to pull this one off. Gather several friends and put together a nice outdoor barbeque area. Some great hints can be found here.

5.Is there a room in the house that she complains about? Something that needs to be freshened up with a coat of paint? This will be an all day project, but one you can get off of the honey-do-list by yourself. Hint: let her pick out the paint. If you want to surprise her, nonchalantly stop at the paint sample display and see what she picks out. You can also look here for some paint ideas.

6.Big one on the honey-do-list…clean your garage. Head to the hardware store for some wire shelving and get everything organized.

7.A high priority item on my list right now is the kitchen cabinets. Are you cabinets droopy? Is there one drawer that doesn’t open or close right? Has your wife asked for it to be repaired…several times? I know this would certainly make me happy! A great way to spruce up the cabinets is to make a trip to the hardware and buy new knobs and drawer pulls. You can also buy repair kits to get your drawers back on track.

8.If you have a wife that loves flowers, “install a trellis” just may be on your list of things to do. This is a fairly simple task that you can do by yourself. Send her shopping or visiting a friend and install the trellis while she is gone. For a special surprise, choose a nice climbing vine and plant it so that it will climb the trellis. Be sure and discuss the environment with the salespeople at the greenhouse, they can direct you to the perfect vine. Here are some great plant ideas.

9.Do you have a toilet that runs all the time? Besides using water unnecessarily, I am sure it is annoying. Replace the mechanics inside the tank while you wife is out. This is one fix-it she will notice…quick.

10.Install a garbage disposal. Fairly easy to do, you can get all the information you need from the helpers at Home Depot. This is a surprise that will take most of the day to pull off, so send your wife to the spa while you get busy.

It is easy to pull off a surprise. Most women love to spend the day shopping or at the sap. If you wife does not like to do either, ask a friend to help. Get the friend to invite your wife to lunch or just to visit. I promise you, just the fact you got something off that honey-do-list will be a great surprise!

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