Dealing With Dogs and Separation Anxiety

This topic is usually one that people do not take into consideration when they are buying a dog. Some dogs are perfectly ok being left alone, but others hate it. Many people have tried leaving the tv on or the radio to try and comfort their dogs. But what usually ends up happening is the dog will tear up your carpet or other objects in your home. One suggestion for those who may be experiencing this problem is to try and take your dog to an obedience class.

They sometimes have classes that focus on separation anxiety. It will take time but many vet’s have said that this can be a good way to control your dog’s behavior. Some have tried to medicate their animals while they are away from home but I would recommend against this. Giving your dog medication to keep it from tearing up your home will only end up hurting your dog.

Those who specialize in animal behavior or behavioritst as they are commonly known say that your dog will usually have a panic attack within the first 15 min of you leaving the home. So they recommend finding something that will occupy your dog for at least that amount of time. One suggestion is to purchase a toy, like the kong which is a toy that you can fill with food. It will take the dog at least 15 to 20 min to get the food out, and they will usually tire themselves out in the process. When looking for a behaviorist’s there are several things that you will want to take into consideration.

First make sure that the person you select has positive reinforcement. You would be surprised at some of the methods trainers use. Next try to see if you can speak to someone who has tried this behaviorist before. They should be able to provide you with some sort of list of happy customers, if not you may want to look elsewhere. One place that has excellent dog training is Petco. They offer weekly classes and the trainers there are very good.

Another way that you can help the situation is by not leaving your dog for very long periods of time. The longer you are gone the more stressed out your dog will become. When you leave your dog for the first time try to make it for only 15min if possible, and then gradually increase the amount of time. This will help him get used to the idea of you leaving and coming back. Also don’t punish the bad behavior, too severely, but you do want to make a huge deal when he’s been good. This will definitely help your dog to understand what is expected of him.

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