Do-it-Yourself Laudry Room Design

Many people do not give much though to laundry room design. However, by creating a trendy, modern room, you may actually enjoy washing and folding clothes. Here are a few tips for renovating a boring laundry room into an up-to-date space.

If your laundry room is located in a closet little can be done to add style and décor to the space. Of course, there is always the option of expanding a laundry room. Perhaps the laundry area could be moved to an area in the garage or mud room. For this matter, if the laundry room is large enough, you can play around with colors and accessories.

Tip #1 – Most laundry room decorations consist of a pile of clothes and clutters. Because of the disorder, many become less inclined to wash clothes, thus laundry piles increase. To begin, remove clutter and implement a system for keeping everything neat and tidy. You might consider having separate laundry room organizers or baskets in the room. One basket could be designated for colors, whereas another basket is for whites.

Tip #2 – If you have enough room in the laundry area, place a small table. This way, clothes can be folded as soon as they are removed from the dryer. Sometimes, if clothes are not folded immediately, they remain in baskets for days or piles of clean clothing form in other parts of the house. Folding tables are also ideal for clothing that requires flat drying.

Tip #3 – Installing shelves in the laundry area is another way to reduce clutter. Instead of laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and so forth lining the walls, consider situating these on shelves.

Tip #4 – Because some clothing cannot be machine wash or dried, consider installing a small wash sink in the laundry room. Some newer homes already include this addition. Thus, if you need to hand wash an article of clothing, you can do so in the laundry area, as opposed to a bathroom sink. Furthermore, create a mini indoor clothesline. These come in handy for clothing that cannot withstand heat drying.

Tip #5 – Once you’ve obtained the laundry room additions, the final project entails creating a trendy or cozy work area. Transform boring white wall. Choose cheerful colors such as yellow, blue or green. Window treatments may also add a nice touch. If additional space is available, consider laundry room décor such as an arrangement of silk flowers.

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