Eco-Friendly Air Purification Systems

Eco-friendly Air Purification Systems are an excellent way to purify and keep the air clean in your immediate environment. Generally Eco-friendly Air Purification Systems work one of two ways. There is either a process whereby duplication of the particles is saturated with oxygen creating a purification process; or the purification process takes place with the use of a UV light and water, which creates a combination of oxygen parties and water which basically purifies the air.

One of the top Eco-friendly Air Purification Systems is the Friedrich Electronic Air Cleaner. Made to operate at optimal efficiency this ENERGY STAR qualified product is wide among a large collection that are designed to provide at least 35% more than other similar product. The Eco-friendly Air Purification System by Friedrich eliminates unwanted tobacco smoke, dust, dander, pollen and other pollutants. The retail price for the Friedrich Electronic Air Cleaner is $429.00 and is available at most home stores such.

Another excellent selection of the top Eco-friendly Air Purification Systems is the Vornado Air Cleaner. This is a popular air cleaner because o the HEPA filtration system used. The HEPA filter is designed to capture the most minute of air born debris including viruses, bacteria, pollen, pet dancer and also reduces odors. The Vornado Air Cleaner also comes with three settings allowing the owner to adjust the size room to be filtered ranging from 90 square feet up to 130 square feet. Definitely one of the top Eco-friendly Air Purifications Systems, the Vornado Aircleaner retails for $129.00.

Both of the abovementioned Eco-friendly Air Purification Systems are designed to provide the cleanest air possible. This is done with the assistance of filters. Replacement filters are available for the Vornado and the Friedrich Air Purificaton Systems to ensure optimal operating efficiency. The Vornado Hepa filter needs to be replaced every few years depending up use. The PresSorb activated carbon filter need to be changed every 3 to 4 months.

Whichever system you choose from the Eco-friendly Air Purification Systems, the more important consideration is the fact that the goal is to clean the air. This in itself is an earth friendly process as it reduces the number toxin available to contaminate the universe.

For more information on the abovementioned eco-friendly air filters check with your local home stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot and others. The specific models mentioned may also be purchased online from Low Impact Living.

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