Education: Preparing for GED Testing

Not having a high school diploma will limit your employment options, as well as the amount of money you can make. While some employers are willing to hire a high school drop-out, do not expect a generous salary. There are several benefits to completing high school by means of obtaining a GED or general equivalency diploma. Aside from opening the door for you to attend college, employers respect high school graduates.
Here are a few tips for acquiring and preparing for a GED.

� The General Equivalency Testing Service is easily accessible online. Visit the site and inquire about GED testing. With over 3,000 testing centers worldwide, you are likely to find a testing center near your local area.

� GED tests consist of five sections. Unfortunately, each section involves a separate fee. On average, each tests costs about $30. Hence, you will pay approximately $150.00 to receive your high school diploma. When looking at the long-term benefits that come with having a high school diploma, it is well worth the fee.

âÂ?¢ Once you’ve located a nearby testing center, contact the center, and inquire about testing dates and times. Because the majority of people testing for their GED are working adults, most centers offer night and weekend tests.

� You have the option of taking all five sections at once, or spreading out the five tests. Keep in mind that person who take one section at a time tend to perform better.

âÂ?¢ The General Equivalency Testing Service will send a registration kit by mail. Before you can sign up for testing, registrations kits must be completed and returned. Requested information is needed to confirm your age. Without parental consent, you must be at least 18-years-old to obtain a GED. Once your registration has been accepted, it’s time to begin preparing for the tests.

âÂ?¢ Enroll in a GED preparation class. The test consists of five sections – one writing section and four multiple choice sections. If you have terrible writing skills, concentrate efforts on improving in this area. Other sections include questions on math and reading comprehension.

� Practice before the tests. Many bookstores have a wide selection of GED prep material. This includes books with sample tests and questions. Invest in such materials, this way you become familiar with the format.

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