Electrasol 2 in 1 Gelpacs with Jet Dry

Product Description: Automatic dishwashing detergent. Individually wrapped, concentrated detergent, with dual action. Electrasol Gelpacs contain both detergent and Jet Dry. Detergent removes tuff stains and cleans dishes. Jet dry is a rinse agent, which helps eliminate spots and film

Price: $2.89 for 20 count package

Directions for use: Handle with dry hands only. Do not poke or cut gel pacs. Place entire gel pac in the main detergent cup and close. Run dishwasher as you normally would. Store in cool dry place.

Lesson learned: Do not store in the drawer beside your dishwasher. The heat from the dishwasher will melt the gelpacs together. This wasn’t a total loss – I still used them and just pulled them apart when I needed them. Just a minor annoyance.

My Review:

I feel ashamed (lazy) admitting I like these Electrasol Gelpacs. But I do – love them! I know, I know, I don’t really need individual wrapped dishwashing gelpacs. But sometimes it’s all about those cute little things that just make life simple and fun. Each gelpac is wrapped in dissolvable plastic that just melts away with heat allowing the detergent and jet dry to clean your dishes. Each gelpac is already pre measured so you only need to use one (per load of dishes). There is just enough in each package to get your dishes squeaky clean and shinny. I’ve never had a problem with any residue, film or dishes not being clean. There is no need to measure or unwrap anything. Simply pop one of these gelpacs into your dishwashing dispenser and run your dishwasher as you normally would.

Another reason I like Electrasol Gelpacs is because I have eliminated the messy caps and drips from the liquid bottles and/or sprinkles of power on the floor from the powered boxes other dishwashing detergents. I guess what I mean to say, is Electrasol Gelpacs are convenient for kids to use also.

Electrasol Gelpacs has two different fragrances to choose from: Orange Blossom and Sparkling Citrus. I have tried both of these fragrances and although the Orange Blossom is my favorite, both of them leave a clean pleasant scent with each load of dishes. The fragrances are not too strong, do not linger and seem to be gone after the cycle of the dishwasher. It’s just enough of a pleasant scent to put a smile on your face.

Another good thing to know is Electrasol GelPaccs are also safe for septic systems.

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