Gift Ideas Under $20 for Beginning Freelance Writers

Is there a beginning writer within your family or circle of friends? If you are looking for inexpensive gift ideas that will be appreciated by writing enthusiasts, here are seven ideas!

Specialized Dictionary
A theme dictionary is a gift that beginning writers will find useful. Check the reference / writing sections of local book stores or shop online. Specialized dictionaries are available on a variety of themes such as slang dictionaries, occupation vocabulary dictionaries, and historical period dictionaries. If gift recipients cannot use it immediately, they can add the dictionary to their personal library to provide ideas for future writing projects.

Historical Reference Books
A great gift idea for beginning writers interested in history is an historical reference book. Choose one on a time period you know they are interested in, or a general reference book covering more time.

Historical Atlas
An historical atlas, consisting of detailed maps from earlier time periods, will also be a welcome gift for writers interested in history. You can buy older vintage atlases from used and out-of-print book sites online, or locally. Or purchase a modern historical atlas that provides reproduction maps.

Freelance Writing Instruction Books
How-to instruction books on freelance writing techniques are gifts that beginning writers should appreciate. Building a library of their own on the craft of freelancing will be helpful as they are learning. Choose a book offering general instruction or one that appeals to you on a particular type of writing or technique.

Writing Paper
A gift of writing paper tablets should be welcomed by beginning writers. Even if they write primarily on a computer, the paper will at times be useful. Several packages of large legal pads of paper would be a good choice. Or give several small, portable tablets, good for jotting down writing ideas.

Pens and Pencils
Extra pens and pencils make a nice gift for freelance writers who enjoy doing some of their writing by pencil and paper. Better quality pencils, such as the Ticonderoga brand, sharpen well without the lead breaking. They also have erasers that work well, unlike some cheaper pencils. A gift of several ink pens of different types should also be appreciated. Or choose one special good quality pen or a pen and pencil set.

Writing Magazines
Freelance writing magazines are good gift ideas for aspiring writers. A variety is available. You might choose several as a gift that will provide interesting reading and writing instruction.

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