Guide to Free Unlimited Traffic

You see, I had these same basic concerns when I first began my website. I spent untold hours searching for someone or some school of thought, to help
me make the big score.

I read hundreds of books and articles on traffic generation. Some were very good, some not so good. The problem I had with many of the books was that they were so technical I
wasn’t sure what they were saying. I would read the whole book and still wonder, ‘ok, so now what should I do?’

What I really wanted was a summary of the key steps to creating traffic, written in plain language, without embellishment. When I didn’t find that kind of resource, I decided to write this simple, article on becoming traffic generation using my own experience and the results of my research. I have read many complicated attempts to explain what to
look out for. So to simplify it, I broke it down to 8 simple keys. In this article, you’ll discover the 8 Keys to FreeUnlimitedTraffic. So let’s get started.

Key #1: Links-exchanging

This is the first step to gaining unlimitedtraffic. I think it is one of the most important keys in gaining unlimitedtraffic because it has 2 benefits.
1) You get the benefit of traffic from the links that are pointing to your site.
2) The second more important factor in my opinion is the added benefit of better search engine placement with every link that is point to your site.
You may or may not know this but reciprocal links have always been a major component of effective search engine optimization. Everyday the search engines are putting more and more emphasis on the quantity and quality of the links pointing to your site.

Key #2: Search Engine Optimization

Ordinarily I probably would have started with Search engine optimization, but figured why not start with one of the most important factors. When trying to Optimize your site keep these key points in mind to help your Website Placement, Ranking and Positioning:

1) keywords in Url (domain name)
2) keywords in Title
3) keywords in Heading
4) keywords in body text-especially near the beginning
5) keyword proximity
6) meta tags-“description” and “keyword”
7) keywords in “alt” tag
8) keywords in “comment” tag
9) keywords in “title” attribute
10) keywords in text links
11) links from other sites to yours
12)popularity of other sites linking to yours
13)text in external links (backwards links)
14)common theme throughout site.

Key #3: Writing Articles.

Writing keyword articles is one of the easiest ways to get traffic and bring in a substantial number of targeted customers to your site. You see what happens is thousands of webmaster go to sites like and, to find content to put on their site/newsletters. They will go to these sites, copy the content put your resource box and then integrate into their websites/newsletters.

Every webmaster who reprints your article has to include your resource box, which should include a link pointing to your site. This will give traffic and increase your search engine ranking by getting tons of one ways links. The key is to submit too as many of these site as possible.

Key #4: Banner Exchanges.

I have some websites that I do banner exchanges and it has proven to be successful way to get freetraffic. Banner exchanges are a little different than link exchanges. In link exchanges the links are more permanent and are constantly there, whereas in banner exchanges the banners are constantly changing. Banner exchanges can be very effective at drawing quality leads to your website. Some banner exchanges offer a 2 to 1 ratio, so if you display someone else banner once on your site they will display your banner twice on another site. Some banners exchanges do offer a 1 to 1 ratio as well.
One point to note is if you are going to do banner advertising you need to be selective in the banners you decide to display. You need to make the banners catchy to get people to click on them but not so much so that it might turn off potential buyers. You might want to try if you’re interested in doing banner exchanges.

Key #5: Directory Submissions.

Did you know there are many directories that are waiting for you to submit your site to them. You can create hundreds of one way links simply by going to these directories. These are just a few of the sites.

Key #6: Paid To read.

Did you know that many people get paid to read? Some websites will pay people to people to view your site for a certain amount of time. Since this is not very targeted group it isn’t the greatest form of advertising, but if you want to build a list cheap and fast traffic, it is pretty good. If you’re going to do this, I would recommend looking for sites that have their data prominently displayed on the homepage so they aren’t hiding anything.

Key #7: Traffic Exchanges

If you go to Google or Yahoo and type “traffic exchange”, a ton websites will come up that might fit your needs. Many sites offer particular themes, but the basic premise is that you view their site and they view your site. Every site is different but some have a 2 to 1 ratio. I would recommend using sites that have a 2 or better. Just make sure that the one you find meets your needs.

Key #8: Viral Marketing.

Viral Marketing is defined as “Any advertising that propagates itself the way viruses do”; E.g. When Hotmail users send e-mails, they “infect” the recipients with the tagline at the bottom of their messages. If you unleash a ‘Viral Marketing’ campaign, it will just
keep on multiplying, spreading your message around the web like wildfire. I absolutely love this method of sending quality traffic to my website for free.

Generating free traffic with ‘Viral Marketing’ is easily the most rewarding use of your time. Taking good steps to craft the right offer and layout of your ‘Viral Marketing’ message is essential. But get it right, and not only will a truck-load of qualified visitors come to your website, but an air of respect and expertise is generated around you and your business.

If you use the above keys and follow them well, you are bound to generate more traffic to your website. But if you don’t have the time to do all this, then you may use commercial means like using Pay per Click search engines to generate traffic to your site. But beware that commercial methods may be expensive and some may not deliver waht they promise.

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