Guidelines for Choosing an Animal Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia

Start your search for a great animal hospital in the Atlanta area by asking if you animal’s normal vet will be available during emergency hours. It is important during an emergency for your pet to have someone who is familiar with him or her. If your pet has a preexisting condition this can be especially helpful. A vet’s connection with an animal can be comforting to both the pet as well as to you! Pets cannot speak, which can make caring for an animal difficult. A vet who is familiar with your family pet will have a better understanding of its condition.

Second, how may vets work at the animal hospital? Choosing an animal hospital is an important decision. Get to know the history of each veterinarian at the animal hospital. Make sure you know what each one’s specialty is. If your pet already has an existing ailment or condition this is a great way to find a vet that is already familiar with their particular situation. You definitely do not want your pet to be the first one they have seen in person with their particular special needs! We can all appreciate a learning curve, but not when it some to the health of our beloved pet.

Next, you should determine if they offer boarding for pets. This can be important if your pet has to spend a few nights in the animal hospital for treatment. You don’t want to find out that your pet has to recover at another location far away from your part of town. Even worse that it is going to coast you an arm and a leg to have the animal transported in a medical vehicle. Even more important it could be necessary for you to board you pet while you go out of town. Having one location that knows your pet, knows how to care for your pet, and somewhere your pet is familiar with can take the worry out of boarding your pet.

Atlanta has a variety of great animal hospitals that offer top of the line cutting edge medical care for our furry family members. Take the time to visit a few different animal hospitals before you make a decision about which one to use. This initial investment of time and energy can save you alto of time, worry, and money in the long run. Nothing is worse than racing to the phone book and having to make a decision based on an address, phone number, and who ever you can get to answer first when the health of your pet is involved.

Here are a few different animal hospitals in the Atlanta area to get you started on your search.

Edgewood Animal Clinic and Hospital is located at 420 Edgewood Avenue South East, Atlanta, Georgia, 30312. They are fairly centrally located in the city of Atlanta. A good location for anyone living in side the city limits.

Animal First Medical Center is located at 168 Boulevard South East, Atlanta, Georgia, 30312. This area of Atlanta can be a little rough at night, but fairly safe during the day. They can be reached at (404) 327-7879.

West End Animal Hospital is located at 801 Lee Street South West, Atlanta, Georgia, 03010. This is also a great location for anyone living inside the city limits. The staff is especially friendly here, which can make a huge difference. They can be reached at (404) 753-1114.

Inman Animal Hospital is located at 926 Dekalb Avenue North East, Atlanta, Goergia, 30307. If I was in a hurry and had to choose one out of all of these this would be the one. They are in a well-established and historical neigh hood of Atlanta. Prices will be high because of this, but you will get the royal treatment. They can be reached at (404) 584-8761.

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