How to Be a Good Writer

Anyone can be a writer but it takes knowledge, time, and practice to be a great writer. It really takes alot of work. You need to draft your notes and have alot of experience before making money. It can be a hobby or just a talent you have to write beautiful stories or articles. How many times have you wanted to write to soemone and didn’t know how to or how to start. Well now you can all you have to do is be yourself and express yourself in writing. It is not hard.

Write down everything on paper and reread it to yourself before sending it out. What you need to do to have a good writing paper is look at everything twice. Make sure grammar, no misspells, punctuations, facts, and you use spell check is all correct. Writing is all about communicating, expressing your thoughts and feelings, and using experience to talk to others and readers. Make point in your first sentence or paragraph. Do not ramble on and make the sentence a mess. Make sure to get the reader to understand your message you are trying to put out there.

They want to know what they can get out of reading the article, letter so make it effective. Make your articles brief and user friendly. Information that does not hold alot of facts or research does not make a good piece to read. An article peice is about one-page length. The reader should be able to get a good review by only reading the first paragraph. Start your article by writing the most important parts of the article. Finish the article or story with a good image or strong sentence.

There are so many ways to submit your articles, newsletters, ezines, and stories online. You need to find a publisher or a magazine and submit it. You need to read their guidelines before submitting anywork. Some websites want samples before looking at your work. Some even want your resume and profile. If you want to contribute to some websites for experiences you should. This way it gives you experience and other publishers can see what you write. Maybe they will want you to write for them also.

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