How to Cook Tonkatsu

One simple way to get to know your kids, dinner! By making dinner as a family you may interact with your children as well as having a nice conversation. Set an evening for the entire family to not only sit down to a dinner, but also make it. Do not forget to talk to your children while preparing and cooking the food. Conversations can be about school and or hobbies. Learn about your child and let them know you on a more personal level (such as friendship).

By interacting with your children you can let them know you will be there for them when they need you. You should also try cooking breakfast and or lunch with your family members. The best way to have a great relationship is a healthy communication.

Grocery List:
� Pork Chops (5-6 pieces for a family of four)
� Flour
� 2-3 Eggs
� 1 Package of Panko (Japanese Style Bread Crumbs)*
� Tonkatsu Sauce *
� Head of Cabbage
� 2 Green Bell Pepper
� Canola Oil (For Frying)
� Package of Oriental Rice
� Butter

*Can be bought at any convenient local Japanese grocery store.

Cooking Instructions: approximately 45 minutes

Step 1:
-Wash Cabbage and Green Bell Pepper
-Cut Green Bell Peppers into fourths and then slice them as thick as you choose.
-Cut Cabbage in half and then begin slicing 1/4 inch wide slices.
-(Cook Rice Depending on Method used to cooking.)

Step 2:
-Pour Flour onto a large plate
-Pour Panko onto another large plate
-Break and mix Eggs into a large bowl
-Add an ice cube to the Eggs (just let it sit in there)
-Have a large cooking sheet ready on the side

Step 3:
-Place Pork Chop into flour and cover all sides
-Next place the Pork Chop into the Eggs and cover well
-Last put the Pork Chops onto the Panko and cover all sides
-(Repeat Until All Pork Chops Are Done)

Step 4:
-Poor Oil into a pan as deep enough for about 5-6 inches of oil
-Heat the oil

Step 5:
-Begin to fry the Pork Chops in the oil
-Prepare a pan to stir-fry the vegetables
(Only after you are half way done with the Pork Chops)
-Grease the pan with a little butter
-Stir-Fry you vegetables until desired crunch of softness is reached.

Step 6:
-Place the Vegetables on the plate beside your Rice
-Place the Tonkatsu on top of the Vegetables
-Pour on some Tonkatsu Sauce over the Tonkatsu and the Vegatbles

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