How to Eliminate Clutter in Your House

Many people have so much clutter in their house they don’t know what to do or how to get it organize, here are some tips listed below on how to get your house clutter free.

1.) First start with one room at a time, don’t try to do the whole house at the same time that will be to much.

2.) Start by trowing out all the paper or have it recycled, put the paper in a separate pile, than throw out everything else you don’t want or give it to charity.

3.) Make sure you have the time to finish what you’ve started, some people will start this project and will not finish it, if you want to get rid of the clutter make sure you finish, and you will be so glad you did, your house will look so much better.

4.) Start with the worst most cluttered room first, because if you do that you will have the biggest problem under control,than you won’t mind cleaning the less messy cluttered rooms later, especially after you see how nice the worst room in the house turned out.

5.) Ask your kids to help, or if you have no kids,your husband or boyfriend could help especially with the real messy rooms, make it a project,something to do together so that you can spend time working on the less clutter area in the house later. The kids can do their rooms or help with the kitchen or bathrooms, so that you won’t feel so overwhelmed and want to give up.

6.) It is very important to always put thing in order and when you do that, every time you use something put it back in the same place every time to keep order, do not leave it in another room or all over the house. This will also help you to be able to find things more easily once you’ve eliminated the clutter in your house.

7.) For your cloths make sure you hang them up in a closet or get storage bags for cloths, suck the air out with the vacuum to make them flat, so that you can stack them on top of each other. Buy some plastic storage boxes and a cloths line or a (cloth rack) or cabinet just for hagging cloths. Storage boxes can be easily pushed under the bed. Put your cloths in order and throw out all the paper, those are the two biggest problems most consumers have that will make clutter in your house very easily. .

Everything else should be pretty easy to organize. Try to throw away as much as possible,and don’t try to keep something you know you will not be using,or something you will never wear, especially if you don’t have enough space to keep all those unnecessary things in your house, that will cause a lot of clutter. You can put your shoes in shoe holders, some you can hang on the door, and some you can setup in your closet or maybe in your bedroom up against the wall.

Take out the clutter first, and the rest will be easy to arrange. If you don’t put everything back in order this will happen again,and you will never find anything, if you do not put it back in place right away, at lease make sure to do this once a week, and don’t allow paper to build up to clutter in your house again . Basically you’re just keeping things in order and throwing away everything you don’t want or need in order to keep your house organized.

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