How to Get Rid of Mice Forever: Spare the Mercy: Just Kill Them!

When fall rolls around, mice gravitate to the warmest, most comfortable place with a steady food supply they can find. Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, that means my house.

Yes! I am hosting a mouse party, but they aren’t going to like the send off they will get.

For years, I’ve tried to be patient. I’ve tried to be nice, really I have. I don’t like to kill anything, except maybe a spider, and I have avoided this route for as long as possible.

I have filled every crack and crevice to prevent their intrusion. How anything as plump as a mouse are can possibly fit into a crack that is Ã?¼ inch in diameter is beyond my comprehension; but I’ve done my reading and know it’s true.

I have washed and scrubbed and secured the cabinet doors; but it is never enough. These little darlings can leap over three feet with a running start, so there isn’t much hope that anything in my home could possibly be put out of reach.

When leaping fails them, well, they can climb just about any vertical surface without much effort at all.

I’m tired of double wrapping and sealing everything in my cupboard. I’m tired of clearing away every crumb to avoid the inevitable invasion of mice. I’m tired of the little Have-a-Hart trap that captures the mouse so I can carry it off and let the mouse go the next day.

I used to have faith in releasing the mouse away from my home until I realized they have their own little radar system that leads them right back. I don’t know, maybe I have a mouse beacon that calls them home. Whatever it is, I’m tired of it.

Yesterday, I cast caution to the wind and bought a set of spring loaded mouse traps and I intend to use them.

I mean really folks, should I be expected to live with vermin just because some animal activists are going to be upset with me? Should I subject my family to double washing all the dishes, piles of seeds inside their shoes, and the scritch scratch of tiny mouse feet in the middle of the night?

I don’t think so.

I’m sorry animal lovers every where. I do love animals and am opposed to killing any animal, but I have my limits. These creeping crawling vermin have pushed me past the point of no return. They must die.

They will die.

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