How to Install New Siding to Your Home

When remodeling your home it is important to incorporate color and character while at the same time preserving practicality and tradition. If you want your home to make a lasting impression from the outside in maybe new siding should be in your budget, next to landscaping and a new driveway. Good looks are especially easy to get because the newest generation of siding is looking more and more realistic every year. With new siding you can add architectural charm and style to your home that is relatively easy to care for. The technological advances that have been incorporated into siding make it easy to choose just about anything you want, while increasing the value and beauty of your home.

There are a lot of reasons new siding is a great addition to your home. Other than increasing the resale value of your home, new siding can also offer additional economic benefits. The new and improved siding of today’s ever changing world is impervious to chipping and peeling so it doesn’t have to be painted as often, and sometimes not at all. New siding also stands up to all kinds of foul weather, insect damage, and also repels water.

Unlike older siding, today’s siding can stand up to harsh climate exposures to heat and cold and even hurricane force winds. Siding products are constantly being changed and improved to better protect our home and family from nature. Many insurance companies also offer discounts for homeowners that install certain types of siding and home weather proofing like shingles and storm screens.

Since siding is available in such a wide variety of colors, textures, styles, and shades you have many choices to choose from. Most people are now incorporating more color into their homes and that includes the outside too, from landscaping to siding and roofing. Unlike wood siding does not contract and expand in heat and cold. With some basic care the color will also remain vivid throughout the life of your siding (until you tire of it). You can easily duplicate the look of shingles, lap siding, brick, board and batten, or even stucco using new contemporary siding, many of which are textured to give you a real look and feel.

Today’s siding is more durable and is generally non combustible, but can vary by brand so make sure you check before you buy. Siding adapts well to any home, new or traditional and can add some yesteryear charm. When picking out your new siding don’t forget to get window, door, and corner trim. Adding the trim will give you a finished, polished looking home. Often times, siding estimates and consultations can be done right in your home allowing you to match the colors and textures to your homes style and roofing.

If you are not sure how to install the siding after you get home, don’t worry! Typically most siding companies will offer to send over 2-3 certified contractors to install your new siding. Installing the new siding yourself may seem like a good way to save some money but in fact most do it yourselfers don’t get it right, causing headache and trouble later on. A certified contractor knows how to install siding, and also what local/city codes are in effect with the project and how to meet them. Hiring a professional is typically the best because you can rest assured knowing that your siding will not have any leaks or insect damage in the years to come. Make sure you ask what the charges will be before you let the company send you contractors, or before you hire someone. It is easy to be surprised later by huge fees that you weren’t aware of, making your project cost hundreds more than you originally thought. Installation is rarely ever free so make sure you know what the cost is beforehand.

Since pricing varies widely between companies and styles check with your local siding retailer or home improvement company. Depending on where the materials come from you may also have to pay for shipping charges so watch out. Sometimes these fees are not readily disclosed by the sales agents.

New siding can add value and beauty to any home and is one of the simplest projects to have completed. You can transform your home from scary to sheik in only about 4-5 days. New siding will also improve the life of your home helping repel water and insects. In the long run you will save time and money on maintenance of your home. New durable siding products are generally guaranteed for life or at least 20 years but it is very unlikely that you will have any problems.

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