How to Quickly Move a Household Stress Free

With two weeks left before the end of the month my family was told that our home was being foreclosed. Within three days of the news my husband was able to find us a suitable home only fifteen minutes away from our current residence. With the struggling state of the economy, it seems there are plenty of families currently moving. I believe this is why we were able to find a great home, for a great price that was available in our time line. With the deposit paid, my family began the sorting and packing of our home.

There are certain areas of a home that are easier to move than others. Packing away DVDs, Cd’s, and decorative aspects of a home are a quick and easy way to start. The rest of a household really does need to wait until about a week before the move. The weekend before the move all of the linen, and the majority of the dishes and cookware were packed away. All of the utilities were able to be transfered to our new home since they are so close together. Usually the cable company needs to be changed, and that adds stress to a move. We have our service removed from one house on a Friday, and added the following Monday making it a stress free transition.

With two days remaining before the move my husband began bringing all the boxes I had packed, plus all the items that were in storage between my garage and basement. This move has seemed even more stress free since my husband has taken on most of the responsibility. I have packed, and he has been moving. He has not been waiting for assistance, the majority of our possessions he has moved by himself. The night before our big move we went through all of our dressers, and packed away adult and children clothing to go to some sort of shelter to help during the holiday season. Most people like to do some sort of yard sale, and I just wanted to get rid of stuff. I would rather give my stuff away to people that need it, then to still have stuff left over after planning a sale.

All that remains in our household is the large furniture from our living room, and bedrooms. I have hot/cold bags ready to pack with all the food from my freezer, and a box to pack with all the food from my pantry. My bathroom is down to the bare minimum, it actually looks like we are staying in a hotel. Just enough clothing and supplies to make it through. We have several friends that are planning to arrive on the final evening to help my husband load all the remaining possessions. With two weeks this move has been so stress free. Even though we have done it all on our own, it has all fell into place perfectly. I am sure that this is a great move for my family, and our last move for atleast a few years. I wish all the families in our country that are going through similar situations. I know how stressful it could have been, and am thankful for how lucky we were that it has all gone so well.

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