How to Remove Creases from Leather

Repeated exposure to pressure, such as someone sitting on a chair, can cause leather to form creases, which resemble wrinkles in fabric. Once leather is creased, not only does it appear old and worn, but it also begins to breakdown where the crease is present. If the crease is not corrected soon, the leather will eventually wear away, forming a hole, which is much more difficult to repair. Fortunately, it is very easy to get rid of leather creases using an ordinary laundry iron and some type of barrier, such as a piece of newspaper.

Step 1

Warm up an iron, making sure that it is set to its lowest heat setting. If the iron is set too high, you risk burning the leather or causing a discolored appearance. Do not proceed to the next step until the iron is heated completely.

Step 2

If the creased leather isn’t part of a chair or sofa, place it onto a flat surface and stretch it out so that it is free of any folds or wrinkles. Skip this step if the creased leather is part of a chair or sofa.

Step 3

Cut a piece of newspaper or a brown paper bag so that it is slightly larger than the creased area. Place the piece of paper over the crease.

Step 4

Place the iron onto the paper, being very careful not to touch the leather itself with the iron, which will result in a burn or discoloration. Run the iron over the paper and the crease that is under it, in slow, even sweeps. As you’re ironing, gently tug the edges of the leather to pull the crease open. It might take several applications, but after a few minutes of ironing, the crease should begin to diminish.

Step 5

After a few minutes of ironing, remove the piece of paper and visually examine the crease. If the crease is gone, you can shut the iron off, but if it is still present, you’ll need to repeat Step 4 until the entire crease is gone. Once the crease is gone, place a heavy, flat object onto the leather and let it sit there for 24 hours while the leather “resets.” After 24 hours have passed, you can remove the item and use the leather once again.

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