I Became Determined to Discover New Purpose

Many explanations about the previous circumstances in my life made sense, and I was able to recognize the reoccurring theme in what had been my experience. I realized many different opportunities probably awaited me, where I could choose to react in a more positive way. When Jane had given me awareness about myself, I recognized the truth, as it connected with something deep within. I was now starting to trust Jane’s ability, but I was still caught off-guard when she asked if I knew a woman called Ann. When I told her I could not remember anyone with that name, Jane just replied ‘Well, then you are still to meet Ann, and over time you two will talk a lot with each other.’ Up until now I had not been a very social or talkative person, and I certainly did not know how I was to meet this person called Ann.

Imagine my surprise a couple of months later, when I met a woman called Ann. I was invited to have dinner on board a friend’s yacht, along with several of his friends. As we had not all met before, we were asked to briefly introduce ourselves. When it came to the turn of a dark haired woman, she immediately gave the impression of being a very quiet person, she simply said ‘I’m Ann.’ I had an instant awareness that this was the Ann Jane had referred to, but as we hardly spoke with each other during the evening I just forgot about meeting her. However, some weeks later I needed to have some documents copied, and when I asked around if anyone knew where I could get this done, I was told about a person who had a copying business at her home.

When I rang the doorbell it was the Ann I had met previously who opened the door, and this time we had an immediate connection. This was when our friendship started, and when she told me about the difficulties she had to cope with, I came to understand Ann had courage and determination. Ann seemed to be unwavering and did her best in any situation, unlike myself who had always just wanted to have the fun and excitement of constant change. I also had a need to be free, and not have any demanding responsibilities. It was not until this meeting that I understood why Jane had mentioned Ann, although at the time of the dinner party on the yacht, it had seemed to be quite irrelevant.

There had been many experiences in my life that I had not previously been able to make sense of, but having more clarity of complex situations, allowed me to perceive past events from a different perspective. Sometimes I felt such a relief that tears started running down my cheeks, but this did not affect Jane. She kept her composure, and just pushed a box of tissues towards me. I could feel that she cared for me, but she did not burden the situation with any more emotions. Much later on she used to joke that after having met me, she always kept a box of tissues on the table, when she was seeing someone for a personal meeting!!

Jane was extremely focused, and her focus increased my concentration, to the point that I was only aware of what she was saying, nothing else. More than four hours had passed since I had arrived, but at the same time it felt like no time had passed. When I finally left I felt like a different person, because I now had a new understanding of my past, it changed my perception of my future. The world seemed like a different place, and I came to understand that there were many previous issues where I was totally unaware of any deeper meaning. My meeting with Jane significantly influenced my perspective, and what I had experienced had made me determined to understand more about my real purpose in life.

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