Ice Cream Machines are Handy and Healthy

A fun and easy kitchen accessory is an ice cream machine. It is healthy and delicious to make your own ice cream, sorbets and slushies. Having an ice cream machine makes it possible to do this.

Ice cream machines are relatively inexpensive, and an electric one can be purchased for between $30 and $50. Ice cream machines in this range have a canister, a plastic scraper attachment, a cover, and the electric part which spins the canister around. The canister of the ice cream machine must be placed in the freezer until completely frozen, usually around 24 hours. Then, it is taken out, placed in the machine, and the ingredients are poured inside the canister. The ice cream machine then rotates the canister, and the scraper scrapes off the ice crystals that form along the inside surface and mix them into the liquid, which thickens and freezes until it becomes like soft-serve ice cream. The process takes around 20 minutes.

Ice cream machines are good because it allows the owner to make whatever flavor ice cream sounds good. It is fun to experiment with different combinations of flavors to make creative ice creams. For example, strawberry-peach ice cream is hard to find in the store, but delicious! Sprinkles or candy bits can be added in interesting combinations, also! An ice cream maker makes it possible to try unique combinations of flavors.

Ice creams and sorbets made in an ice cream maker have no preservatives or chemicals. That is a very healthful and positive choice for anyone who is interested in organic, or just healthy cooking.

There are a wide variety of recipes available on the internet for use in an ice cream machine. A person could try a savory sorbet, such as tomato-basil sorbet, and eat a scoop of it on top of chicken salad. Or, lemon rosemary sorbet could be a very nice treat between courses of a gourmet meal. There are even recipes for an adult white wine or champagne sorbet to serve for dessert at a dinner party! Root beer ice cream tastes like a root beer float, and kids and adults alike love it.

Ice cream machines are easy to use, and make delicious ice cream. Chocolate, banana, and vanilla ice creams are easy to make. The dieter can substitute milk or fat-free half and half for heavy cream to cut down on fat and calories without artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Frozen yogurt is also easy and healthy to make. Ice cream machines are a wonderful tool to have in the kitchen. They allow the creative cook to try new flavors to go with new recipes.

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