Inexpensive and Easy Remedies for Morning Sickness

The joys of pregnancy can soon turn to a nightmare if you suffer from morning sickness. The term alone is misleading, perhaps it should be called all-day sickness since it can effect you any time of the day- or night. Some women are lucky enough to suffer these symptoms for the first trimester, but others are plagued throughout their pregnancy and the only cure is delivery. When you mention to someone that you have morning sickness, you will be offered any number of cures. While there is no cure, there are some remedies that will help ease your suffering. There are literally thousands of products on the market that claim to provide relief from morning sickness, many are costly and others simply don’t work for most women. If you decide to try an herbal supplement, be sure to check with your doctor before trying any product. But in the meantime, relief may be available in your grocery store or candy aisle.

Candy Remedies Lifesavers may actually live up to their name in this instance, especially the wild berry flavors. The strong, slightly sour flavor not only eliminates dry-mouth but for many it lessens that gaggy feeling in the back of your throat. If your nausea is triggered by smell, it may also help to mask odors that otherwise might send you running for a bathroom.

Peppermint has been shown to relieve nausea for some women, but it may worsen heartburn. Although the scent may help with odor triggers, so it may not be a bad idea to keep a few handy to smell when needed. One way to reduce heartburn while still getting the benefit of the peppermint is to put a candy in decaffeinated tea or hot apple cider (or juice).

While this may sound outrageous, many women swear by Tear Jerkers sour candy to put the kabash on nausea. It may have something to do with the increase of saliva production or simply a matter of physics- it is difficult to vomit when your mouth is puckered, but if you can handle the sour taste, it may be worth a try- the blue raspberry seems to work the best. If they are too sour for you, try Lemon Heads, although they don’t seem to work as well. You may remember this colorful zebra-striped gum from your childhood.

Fruit Stripes tangy taste seems to work wonders to remove the unpleasant taste from your mouth. If you have the opportunity to visit a specialty candy store try some cherry sours. They look like red gum balls but are the consistency of jelly beans; they are sweet and sour at the same time. Some women may find them too sweet to do the trick, but the nostalgia of eating them may help to take your mind of your misery for a few minutes at least.

If you can’t find Cherry Sours, try Lenders Cherry Cough Drops, they taste very similar. While these are not really candy, they do taste like it and have no medicinal value. The have a strong cherry flavor that works in a similar fashion to the lifesavers. The one drawback to these is the fact that they tend to get mushy once opened and are only good for a couple of days.

The Produce Aisle Citrus fruits may also work wonders to help relieve the feeling of morning sickness. Lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits are all worth a try. They also work well to eliminate odors. I used to save my orange peels in a baggie to sniff when I walked through the parking garage at work- for some reason the exhaust smell was a guaranteed way to send me running to the nearest bathroom. Soda Pop There are several studies relating ginger to the relief of nausea. Try a can of ginger ale, this is one remedy that you will want to remember for when your little one has a tummy ache later on. Coca-Cola also works well for some women, as a matter of fact; some pharmacies still sell Coke Syrup for a nausea remedy.

Remember, Coke has caffeine, which is not recommended in large amounts during pregnancy. 7-Up is also a well-known nausea remedy and may work well for you. While soda may work to relieve your nausea, you are ingesting large amounts of sodium, sugar and in some cases caffeine. You may experience weight gain or water retention from consuming too much. Snack Food Goldfish crackers, Cheese Nips and saltines are a great way to curb the nausea.

Studies have shown that women who snack regularly during pregnancy tend to experience less morning sickness. So while your natural tendency would be to avoid putting anything in an already upset stomach, a little food seems to help. Watch your salt intake when choosing snacks and try the reduced sodium lines. You can also try Gingersnaps or Gingerbread cookies to find relief. The combination of Ginger and putting a little something in your stomach works well for many women. You may find that some remedies only work some of the time. For example a sour candy may not help early in the morning but eating a couple crackers and sipping on ginger ale before getting out of bed may help.

Your choice of remedy may also depend on what is triggering your nausea, if it is a smell, you may need something that will overpower the scent- such as a peppermint or lifesaver. Some remedies may work to prevent nausea; others may help to eliminate it. There may be some trial and error before you find the right combination to provide relief. In any case, try to remember it is only temporary and in the end, you will be rewarded with a bundle of joy that will make you realize it was all worth it.

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