John Frieda Shine Release Versus Suave Professional Brunette Shampoo

I love beauty supplies. I can spend hours in the beauty department at retail stores, looking at products, comparing prices and ingredients, and envisioning the changes they all claim to make. Shampoos have changed over the decades with more brands being offered as well as being personalized for different hair types. A big trend right now is highlighting shampoos. I have tried both John Frieda Shine Release Brilliant Brunette as well as Suave Professionals Radiant Brunette Shampoo. Although the ingredients and results are supposed to be the same. I had very different results with each.

John Frieda Shine Release Brilliant Brunette Shampoo- I had received a sample of this shampoo in the mail and was pleased with the results so I went and purchased a bottle to see if I could get the same great results again. John Frieda claims to bring out multi-dimensional richness as well as tones in brown hair without depositing color. After the very first use I could see a immediate difference in my hair. My hair was shinier and had a richer brown tone to it. I used the Brilliant Brunette shampoo on a daily basis and was able to maintain the beautiful brown color that this shampoo had brought out in my hair. I would have been paying a small fortune in a salon for the look that I was able to receive with John Frieda. Luckily for me, John Frieda brought out salon quality highlights in my hair without salon prices. The shampoo also had a nice light chocolaty scent from the cocoa bean extracts in the shampoo.

Suave Professionals Radiant Brunette Shampoo- After I ran out of my John Frieda shampoo, I went to Wal-mart to buy another bottle of Brilliant Brunette shampoo. I was browsing in the shampoo section and happened to notice that Suave had came out with a version of the brunette highlighting shampoo. I had previously used some Suave’s Professional Products in the past and was pleased with the results so I thought this might be a worthwhile venture to try it out. I went ahead and purchased a bottle and was eager to see my results. Suave claims to refresh and invigorate as well as John Frieda, however it did not give me the desired results I was looking for. My hair was no where near as shiny and I did not see a difference in the richness of my color. My scalp also became very dry after using this shampoo. My favorite thing with this shampoo was the caramel and green tea which are used as ingredients are a pleasent scent. I found it a bonus to get a relaxed and peaceful feeling after washing my hair with this shampoo.

Both Suave and John Frieda products are easily found in the health and beauty department of most retail stores. The John Frieda products are a bit pricier than the Suave products, however the quality is well worth the cost. John Freida also has several other shampoos in thier Brilliant product line to compliment brown hair where as Suave just has the one.

Overall between the 2 brand name products, I was happier with the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette. I would highly suggest this product to anyone with color treated hair as well as natural brunettes to keep their color looking nice and fresh.

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