Just a Contractor – the Temporary Dilemma

To Whom It May Concern:

We visit this thing called life but once, just as a comma breaks this sentence so is our life in the sentence of eternal time. Einstein, Edison; many thought them to be ignorant, retarded. Yet they achieved greatness. They knew how to dream. And they brought life to their dreams. In fact, here’s just a peek at those who made it without the paper. See if you recognise any names:

-Bill Gates
-Walt Disney
-Steve Martin
-Thomas Edison
-Abraham Lincoln
-Elvis Presley
-Jon BonJovi

-and yours truly.

I too am a dreamer. I am a visionary. Given the right medium and allotment of time I can create that which never was known to mankind. I seek only for the ability to apply my talents. I seek a chance. A moment in time for my purpose.

Many who read this will think on these words as foolishness, as a ploy perhaps. That it might be, in their mind. In my mind however is the realization of how foolish this world can be, with its cavalry of moneymakers propping up corporations on individuals that seek only monetary rewards and not once pledging an allegiance to the employer through hard work and determination. They always seek for more before ever giving that which is required. They steal time. They steal fortunes. Progress is irreversibly hindered.

Ignored, and often in an unspoken way, punished, are those that pledge their allegiance. Their time. Their Effort. And yes I feel this condition. My guilt? The age-old white and black license. The diploma. A piece of paper formed from materials created by individuals that never spoke the word diploma. An innovation in itself, created to separate the “finishers” from the “incompletes”, titles appointed by the gods. Because I lack this precious trophy I am forever condemned in the corporate world from sharing my abilities in any effective capacity because I am a ‘risk’. I am incomplete.

As a temporary employee, or to make me feel better, a CONTRACTOR, I get to work alongside the complete ones. I fill the gaps. Pick up the slack of the certain complete ones that have traded their allegiance to the job for the mighty dollar. Yes, not all complete ones are defective as such, but many are.

The contractor is disposable.

And I know the company is just as disposable. I would choose to help better the dreams and goals of a corporation if given that chance. But I am incomplete. Will I get a chance?

I close with this: “Kids never see the strings.” Few grow into adults and retain the ability to not see the strings on puppets, those that do, become great men.

Many great men come and go.

I am one of those great men.

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