Finally, the New York Knicks Are Dead to Me

Well, they finally did it. Isaiah Thomas and company have finally killed my basketball spirit. At least I no longer have to watch the train wreck that is the New York Knicks, fore they are dead to me. For the bargain price of $30 million, the New York Knicks of the NBA, who I thought were ridiculously over the salary cap, signed F/C Jared Jeffries away from the Washington Wizards. That was 30 MILLION DOLLARS for a guy whose career stat line readsâÂ?¦6.1 points and 4.8 rebounds. Wow, the Knicks got a 6’11” guy who can’t even get five boards a game. Holy shit!

Recently, for the Knicks fan, whenever you think the team has hit rock bottom they one up themselves with a player signing, trade or management move that is almost always worse than the one that came before it. This signing takes the cake though.

The Knicks are capped out. They have such a big payroll that I am honestly shocked that the NBA even allows them to field a team. At this point, and I realize this is impossible, the best thing that New York could do is just release all their players and take 5-year vacation/suspension instituted by the David Stern and the NBA. Stern and the NBA brass should force James Dolan to sell the team, make the new owners fire Isaiah Thomas, allow all the current players to become unrestricted free agents and then impose the 5-year ban.

I would be fine with this because it is highly unlikely that even after five years that the Knicks will have righted this horribly wayward ship they call an NBA franchise. It is downright despicable what has happened to this once proud franchise. They are so far of from the 1999 team that went to the NBA Finals; it makes me sick. Gone are the days of New York favorites like Charles Oakley, John Starks, Patrick Ewing and even guys like Anthony Mason and Charlie Ward. The Knicks M.O. had always been toughness, intensity, defense and grit�. that was before the God-awful Isaiah Thomas era.

Thomas is a hall of fame player and I’m sure he knows more about basketball than some retarded internet hack blogger (read: me), but that doesn’t automatically make him a good GM or head coach. I hope that Dolan makes good on his half-threat to fire Thomas if a marked improvement isn’t made this season, because there’s no way that’s happening, not in 2007.

So until then, Knicks fans must wait it out. I will root against the team I grew up loving until the regime change is made. And though this kills me, I see no other way.

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