Metuchen New Jersey Antique Car Show

Every summer, starting in June on Wednesday nights, the town of Metuchn New Jersey, holds a classic car show. This is really a great treat for the entire family. All the cars are main street in downtown metuchen. Along main street there are lots of stores, and dozens of places to eat. If the weather is nice you can even eat outside at a majority of the restaurants. All of the people are in great moods and everyone seems to really enjoy themselves.

The cars are actually owned by residents of metuchen and the surrounding areas. Anyone with a classic car can enter. You just have to apply, or fill out the papwerwork, which can be obtained from city hall. They even have special things like the high school band might play one week. The fire department is also usually there doing special fire safety demonstrations.

Sometimes they even have special events or activites for the kids. The owners of the cars will usually sit near their car so they can answer any questions that you may have about the vehicle. On some occasions you may be able to find one or two cars for sale. If you are a car lover yourself and own your own classic vehicle, but have not invested the time in fixing it up, you may get a few ideas from this car show.

The car show usually starts in the evening about 6:00 pm, and will last into the evening hours. Since all of the main street parking is reserved for the antique car show, you will need to come early in order to find a close parking space. If you come late than you can plan on walking at least a block or so. But if the weather is nice it really is not that big of a deal.

So if you happen to be in the Metuchen New Jersey area on a wednesday night during the summer months why night stop by. You can just take a leisurly stroll, eat and drink and just enjoy yourself with your family. Make sure you check out all of the shops as well. They usually offer some really great deals, during the car show, even on food.

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