Naugatuck Valley Community College

College tuition is on the rise, much like everything in the United States today. Save money by going to a two year community college. One in particular, Naugatuck Valley Community College. A great school with an extensive degree program. Located on 750 Chase Parkway on Waterbury, Connecticut, NVCC offers an affordable way to get a degree. Compared to a four year college, you could save up to 9,100 dollars a year. According to , most four year colleges cost up to 33,000 at the end of your schooling.

One possibility to consider would be to attend a two year college, then transfer to a four year college. By doing this, you will still save approximately 19,000 dollars towards your Bachelors degree, Also consider that financial aid is available to mist students, federal and state as well as through the school.

NVCC offers online and hybrid classes. Hybrid meaning some classes are held on campus and some online. The straight online classes are just that, completely online without the hassle of getting to campus. They don’t however have the option of earning your degree completely online.

Potential students of NVCC are required to take a Placement test, even transfer students, if they did not receive at least a “C” in college English and Math. The best plan of action is to speak to a Academic Advisor, who will guide you towards your educational and long term career goals. NVCC has a variety of degree programs. Some are Accounting, Aviation Science, Electronic Engineering, Human Services, Hotel Management, Nursing, Radiologic Technology and Business, and a lot more. Potential students can also use an online program called Sigi3, an interactive career planning program. This program is available on any campus network computer. This program will help students choose a major, search for a career and other job placement research. These days it’s important to have a career plan, with jobs being scarce, you want to be prepared and have the required background.

Fall 2006 registration for NVCC is open now until August 25th, after which a five dollar late fee is added. When applying by web, mail or in person you will need a 20.00 registration fee (25.00 if late) and social security number. For more information call Naugatuck Valley Community College at (203) 575-8151 or go online to:

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