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You’ve spent hours searching for the direct sales company, that’s right for you. You’ve signed-up, purchased, and received your start-up kit. You’ve begun showing product and building a customer base.

What is the next step? If a website is available to you, either company provided, or created at your request, your next step should be beginning to build an internet presence.

Honestly, it’s not something that can be accomplished overnight. But, with work and perseverance, you will soon find that your downline, should you choose to build one, and your customer base, comes from a MUCH larger area than the area in which you reside. With a business website, your market is as global as you want it to be.

Please consider the following tools, when building your online business:

1. Do you have an interest in writing? Probably the easiest, no-cost way to generate targeted traffic, to your new website, is to provide content to other sites. Make a list of several of your interests. These can be, either, business or non-business related. Write one short, 400 word, article, on each of these interests. Include a brief bio, at the end of each. Site owners are ALWAYS looking for fresh content. Many have created article archives… in doing so, allowing your single submission, to generate traffic, indefinately.

2. AddFreeStats – ( One of the very best, no-cost, traffic stat monitoring services available. Easy account sign-up. Easy monitor set-up. Track number of unique visits, specific pages visited, how your site was located, and much more! A must for tracking things like the popularity of your forum posts, your paid ad click-thru rates, etc.

3. SendFree Autoresponder Service – ( After initially using this type of automatic email response service, you’ll wonder how you, ever, managed without it. Unlimited follow-ups to unlimited prospects. Unlimited message length. HTML capabilities, and more.

4. SpamCheck – ( Use this simple form to keep the emails you send, OUT of the junk mail folders, of your recipients. Submit the planned correspondence, (email, newsletter, ad, etc.) and in a matter of moments you will receive a “spam score”, which will include suggestions on how to avoid today’s ever-growing number, of spam filters.

Bonus Tool: Although not an actual business builder, if you are promoting a site that is NOT company provided, consider adding Google’s AdSense program, to your pages. (http:// Simply place a snipit of code, on each page of your site, and in return Google will display keyword-related ads, on those pages. Each time an adbox is clicked you, the website owner, receive a portion of the ad dollars, spent on that specific ad.

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