Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door Review – Gamecube

We all remember Paper Mario for the N64. Wait… Let’s backtrack even further, Super Mario RPG which debuted on the SNES was a big hit, and everyone loved it. Nintendo then went a step further and made Paper Mario, which was also a huge hit. Now for the Nintendo Gamecube, Intelligent Systems has developed another Paper Mario game, and it is Mario’s biggest adventure yet. Mario % Luigi: Superstar Saga which was for the GBA could be connected to this game as well as that was said to be a sequel to Paper Mario also. This game is overwhelming in graphics, and the character emotions are hilarious. The visuals are beautiful as Intelligent Systems graphically improved the engine from the original Paper Mario. Not only did Intelligent Systems make the graphics a lot more better, they made the game three times longer, and a hundred percent more challenging, so everything is set to make this game a top hit.

To start it all off, Princess Peach who always seems to get into mischief, is missing. She was last seen at Rogueport, a coastal town far from the Mushroom Kingdom, which is this games central location. Mario must follow a map that Peach left for Mario, and it won’t be easy. Mario must go through vast locations and uncover mysteries that not even average human would expect from Mario. Bosses are extra tough in the game, and the controls are pretty simple, so being as tedious as the bosses can be, you won’t get a hand ache to bad from battling them. The connection between Mario and the Non Player Characters are also very nicely done. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems decided to make the communication part of the game a huge part. The surprises that Mario encounters is pretty intense, so I won’t spoil anything to that point. Overall the storyline is Mario related, and I think everyone will like this game.

Paper Mario really isn’t your average RPG. Normally you have a vast 3D environment filled with old fashioned graphics. See… Intelligent Systems thought bringing back the 2D environment of the SNES days, and the 3D worlds of the 64 and 128 bit power would be very Mario-ish, and very suitable for this type of game. Change is not always a bad thing, and many people like the visuals in Paper Mario, and Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door. What makes this game similar to other RPG’s though, is it uses a turn-based fighting system. 90 % of RPG’s use this system, and it makes Paper Mario not only unique to a point, but a typical RPG at the same time. You certainly will not get bored with this game, as there is always something happening. Not only is there something happening all the time, the music in the game is catchy, and will keep you in the game for hours and hours.

Talking about the graphics, Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door is much more stunning graphically then it’s original. Mario can fold up into an airplane, roll up into a tube, and slide through tight gaps, much like a piece of paper can do. The storybook look is very nice, and goes well with the storyline of the game. Importing the graphics into the turn-based system worked out perfect and I think out of any RPG, especially in Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door.

Overall Paper Mario is a A rated game. You won’t need to expect anything better in a game, and this game’s length will keep you playing for a long time. There are so many extras in the game that beating this game in a month, playing nonstop would be hard to believe. The overall percentage of the game wouldn’t be completed until you literally knew every little slit and crack about the game. Graphics- A + , Sound- A , Gameplay- A , Overall- A . As you can see A is the games rating. What can I tell you, you have to find out for yourself!

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