Product Review: Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum

Throughout my life I have used so many different types of vacuum’s, which didn’t seem to do the perfect job of cleaning. I even came to the conclusion that vacuum’s aren’t suppose to do that perfect pick up job. That it is normal to have a few bits and pieces of lint or dirt on the carpet just after vacuuming. I discovered with an excellent vacuum a perfect pick up job can happen. The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum is wonderful for so many reasons.

The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum picks up dirt, lint and trash just after one time of vacuuming. Unlike the many other vacuums that I had I don’t have to keep going over the same pile of dirt. One time is enough. The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum is very powerful. It sucks up debris deep down into the carpet. It is almost good as a steam cleaner.

The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum is light and easy to use. It can turn and twist in areas, which are usually difficult to maneuver with most vacuums. Many other vacuums’ I have used were bulky and heavy to maneuver. It became physically hard on my body to clean the whole house. I used to clean a different room everyday. The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum makes vacuuming fun and stress free. I can clean the whole house at one time.

The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum has a quiet relaxing sound compared to many name brand vacuums. I use to have to put earplugs on with some of the vacuums I use to have. They were loud and annoying. The Dyson vacuum has a sound that has relaxed my baby to sleep.

The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum does not have a bag that needs to be changed. With other times of vacuums I would have to change the dirt bag every so often. The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum has a lifetime filtration were you would just take it out and dump the dirt in the trashcan with a release of the hand. I have saved lots of money from not using a bag. Not to mention the hassles of taking the dirt bag out and putting a new one in.

The Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum can be purchased at Target. The cost of the vacuum is $599 dollars, which in my opinion is well worth the money. This cost does not include shipping and handling.

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