Product Reviews: Mainstays Towel Bar and Toilet Paper Holder

Mainstays Chrome And White Finish Toilet Paper Holder
I have always used the traditional toilet paper holder that holds the roll on with a tube inserted through the roll of toilet paper. I was over at my Mom’s house recently and something caught my attention that was mounted on the wall in her bathroom. This was the neatest thing I had ever seen. The toilet paper holder that I saw in my Mom’s bathroom does not require that you remove the empty tube and then take the holder tube out of the center of the empty one.

This one has a shiny chrome bar and you just slide a new roll of toilet paper on to the bar and when it is empty you slide the empty tube off and replace it with a new one. There are other toilet paper holders in the same style but with different finishes and I chose this one because of the elegant look it has to it.

Everything you need to install this is included. Detailed instructions for easy installation are also included. Installation takes only five minutes and it is a snap to do. All of the necessary hard ware is also included. There are mounting screws, brackets and wall anchors. The tools that are required for installation is a .25inch drill bit, an electric drill and a Phillips screwdriver.

The chrome finish of the toilet paper holder goes with any d�©cor in the bathroom and adds enhancement to the surroundings. The piece that mounts to the wall and holds it on is a white plastic piece with decorative lines engraved all around it and there is a chrome piece surrounding the outside. I love my new toilet paper holder. All I do is slide the empty roll off and slide a new one on and, Viola! Ready to roll again! This can be purchased at Wal-Mart. I received this as a gift from my Aunt.

Mainstays 24″ Satin Nickel Finish Towel Bar
I received this as a gift for my new home from my Aunt as well. The towel bar is very attractive with its shiny satin nickel finish. It is very pretty and added just the right touch of d�©cor to my bathroom. This towel bar matches up quite well with the toilet paper holder.

Detailed instructions are included for easy installation which takes about only ten minutes to do. The hardware that is included for mounting to the wall is screws, brackets and wall anchors. The only tools that are required for installation is a �¼ inch drill bit, electric drill and a Phillips screwdriver. There are other towel bars with different finishes but I really liked the nickel finish because of the satin smooth look and feel of it. This product can also be purchased at Wal-Mart.

I give both of these products Five Gold Stars for elegance!!

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