Tips for Building a Fire Pit

A fire pit is great to have to build a fire in for cooking food or for having a bon fire in. Fire pits make having a fire safer then just having a fire in the open air. Fire pits are usually a circle that comes a few inches above the ground. A fire pit can be made of stones or you can purchase a fire pit that is already made into a circle that is made of metal.

Making a fire pit of stone is an inexpensive way to build a fire pit. You will need a shovel and some stones that are bigger then a tennis ball. You will need enough stones to go around in a circle as big as you want your fire pit to be. A good thing to do before you begin to dig a hole is to make your stones into a circle so you know how big you should make your fire pit. You can put the circle of stones in the spot that you want the fire pit to be. Then take a step back and see if you are happy with the location of the fire pit. Dig out the inside of your circle of stones so that it is about six inches deep. Your circle of stones should be at the edge of the hole in a circle. You are ready to make a fire in the center of the fire pit. Be sure that your fire pit is not near anything flammable.

If you choose to buy a fire pit that is already a circle made of metal your job will be easier then if you make a fire pit of stones. Set up your metal fire pit in the place you want it to be. Then take a shovel and dig out the dirt inside the metal fire pit. You should dig down about 6 inches. You are then ready to have a fire built in the center of your fire pit.

A fire pit should always be made in an area that is not near anything flammable. All trees and shrubs should be at least 6 feet away from the fire pit. A fire pit should never be anywhere near a building.

Having a fire pit is a great way to enjoy a fire in any season. You can build a fire of wood or coal in a fire pit. You can roast marshmallows and cook food in your fire pit. Having a bon fire in a fire pit is warm and cozy on a cold night.

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