September 11th: What We Should Take Away

I moved to North Carolina, June 2001. I had lived in a tent with 2 children age 3 and 4. When I moved here it was hot as H-E- double Hockey Sticks!! I was hanging out my always hand washed clothing, due to lack of washing machine, and Noble the genius of a 4 year old, runs out and says:”mom there are planes crashing into buildings on T.V.; I thought, that’s nice dear, what does he know, he is only 4. With such excitement in his voice, I took a peak at the Today show for myself. Sure as I was standing there, I saw 2 airplanes crashing and burning right before my eyes. Like many others at the time, I assumed, “Oh my god” some poor schmuck is crashing his airplane by mistake, of course the story developed and the rest is history. I did call my sister also of Pittsboro, and she watched it as well.

Five years have passed and we have all definitely lost our common sense, since then. I am looking forward to watching the “Real Time” rebroadcast of 9-11 on Monday morning, hosted by Chris Mathews of course. I truly feel terrible for those who lost families, and friends on that day. I of course just learned to listen to my son more closely, as he loves to frequently point out.

He says;”MOOOOM, listen to me, you know I am always right!!”

He is 9 and smart and I have a daughter 10, just as smart. I am lucky!! I think we need to remember on this occasion how lucky we all are, politics aside. I have heard amazing recounts, and cell phone conversations made from crashing airplanes, and divorced husbands calling their divorced wives to say good-bye. To say I love you, I always have!!

Maybe if we knew we were going to die tomorrow at 5 P.M., the divorce rate would go down; but I don’t wanna know!

Let’s remember this 9-11 anniversary, how many people have helped us, loved us, maybe prayed for us. Maybe you feel alone and have nothing to be happy about. If you are hungry or lonely, if you are sad and on the verge of a total breakdown, or maybe you are financially well off but, bored with your life. Just remember on this somber occasion, that you are alive!! How great is that. Many people can’t claim that fact for themselves. I want to be alive and all that other stuff does not matter. I walked 10 miles daily, washed all my clothes by hand and lived in a tent. Now I have a car, a washer, and I am a little better off, but I still do not feel any happier!! Material wealth, will never bring happiness, it will only bring relief from the horrible, painful,drudgery, of our exciting,always surprising lives. Now that is something to stand up and cheer about!!! We do not know what will happen next, and that is a good thing. Love everyone, even yourself. Don’t worry about whether people are doing what you think they should. Don’t be silly and waste time worrying about Terrorism, and the global warming, the Stars black holes, heaving fire upon us, nuclear bombs expected to kill us from Korea or Iran, the billions spent by George Bush to burn Iraq, worse than Saddam Hussein did, unintentionally of course, don’t worry about all that junk, it does not matter!! Tonight when you look up at the stars and the beautiful full moon, hug your son, kiss your cat and say: in strong loud voice, isn’t it great to be alive!!!

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