Six Disadvantages of Aluminum Roof Shingles

Many people enjoy their metal roofs because of the benefits they provide. However, aluminum roof shingles also have a few disadvantages. They include cost, noise, and slipperiness. This article will discuss the disadvantages of aluminum roof shingles.


One of the first disadvantages of aluminum roof shingles is the cost. They usually cost more than popular types of materials such as asphalt, steel, and composite. Aluminum roof shingles will cost you about three times as much as these other types of roofing materials.


Another disadvantage of aluminum roof shingles is that they are slippery. The smooth surface of these shingles will make it difficult for you to walk on them safely. It will be even riskier if the aluminum roof shingles are wet. Therefore, you will at least need to make sure the roof is dry before you go up there.


Aluminum roof shingles also cause more noise. During a heavy rainfall, your metal roof will generate much more noise than softer materials. If there is a hailstorm, the noise will be even louder. You have have to install a solid sheathing beneath the aluminum roof shingles to help reduce the noise they cause.


Aluminum roof shingles will never rust. However, they will start to look dull over time. You will be forced to apply special paint on your aluminum roof shingles if you want them to look better. In addition to this maintenance task, you may have a hard time finding someone to work on your roof.


Virtually all roofers can install popular materials. However, many roofers do not have experience installing aluminum roof shingles. You may have a hard time finding an experienced roofer who is capable of installing them properly. If something ever happens to your aluminum roof shingles, you may also have a hard time finding someone to repair them.


One of the final disadvantages of aluminum roof shingles is denting. They will dent if enough force is applied. You have to be careful not to walk on them too heavily or too often. A heavy hailstorm may also can denting on your aluminum roof shingles.

These are some of the disadvantages of aluminum roof shingles. They usually cost about three times as much as other popular roofing materials. Aluminum roof shingles will also cause more noise during heavy rain or hail. This type of roofing material is also very slippery, so you will have to be careful when walking on it.

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