Suffering from Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia is the opposite of diabetes. It is caused by low blood sugar and the symptoms include fatigue, anxiety, dizzy, shaky, and a lack of energy. These symptoms can be overcome by increasing the energy’s body through traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative treatments. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the pancreas and spleen and the lack of energy in those organs are thought to cause the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Alternative doctors believe those that suffer from hypoglycemia can heal the condition by practicing acupressure and taking other alternative treatments.

Pressing certain acupressure points on the body can help increase energy throughout the body and reach certain organs. In most cases, you will apply pressure to both sides of the body separately to help increase energy levels. The following acupressure points should be followed to help increase the body’s flow of energy. ST36, which is located at the lower ridge of the kneecap right near the shinbone, SP4 is at the beginning of the arch on the inside of your foot, right behind the bone and the big toe, CV6 is right below your navel, and BL20 is on your spine called the 11th thoracic vertebra, which is midway between the waist and the middle of your shoulder blades. Do some research or ask your doctor to find out exactly where these points are located.

For each acupressure point, press the thumb or fingers on the area for at least 2 minutes. You can press the pressures at the same time and for long-term relief alternate the treatment of each point by doing two on one day and two the next day. You should be able to notice a difference in a couple of weeks. Using alternative treatments can also help to increase your body’s energy if you suffer from hypoglycemia. Eating more protein and less simple carbohydrates can strengthen your spleen and pancreas.

If acupressure and protein fail to help you overcome hypoglycemia, try some Ginseng. Ginseng helps increase the energy in certain organs, but make sure you take either Chinese or Korean ginseng. Chinese and Korean ginseng helps the liver produce blood sugar. Take ginseng for at least 2 to 4 weeks to see any results, if you don’t see any results after a few weeks of taking it, then stop taking it. Another alternative to ginseng is codonopsis, this herb works just like ginseng but more slowly. Take about five 300 mgs three times a day.

One of the most important things you can do to boost energy if you suffer from hypoglycemia is to change your diet. Too many fatty foods and not enough fiber or protein will cause hypoglycemia to run havoc in your body. Increase your intake of vegetables, fiber, fatty acids, protein, and grains to help balance blood sugar levels, which will help overcome hypoglycemia and increase your energy level

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