Suggested Resources for Finding an Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio

Choosing an animal hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio can be as simple as asking the right person the right questions. Animal hospitals can be a very personal decision for most pet owners. While an animal hospital is there for your pet, you are the one who will have to interact with the staff and evaluate the care they give you beloved pet.

Relying on friends and family for recommendations is a great start. If you are new to an area try asking co-workers which animal hospital they take their pets to. Ask a pet owner any question about their pet and you are sure to get an earful. If you are not having any luck, visit a local pet store. Talk to other customers there shopping for their pet. This will definitely get you more than a few great recommendations!

If all of these sources are failing you try contact the local animal shelter. Clearly these are people who care about pets in your area. They can have great recommendations of animal hospitals in the Cincinnati area. Another great source would be a local breeder of your pet type in your area.

If you are going to ask someone what animal hospitals they recommend, you need to make sure you ask them a few other questions. First, why do they recommend that particular animal hospital or vet? What made them choose them in the first place?

Ask about the personality of the vet. Are they an animal person as well as a people person? While most vets are animal lovers some can be a little rough with the people side of the business. Don’t forget you are the one who will be interacting with the staff!

Definitely ask where the animal hospital is located. Location is very important. If you need convenience then you know you need an animal hospital nearby. If you are new to an area, make sure you find out how safe that part of town is. If you have an emergency and need to run you pet to the animal hospital at two in the morning, you don’t want to end up in the emergency room as well!

Next ask if they know what the business hours are. Most animal hospitals have special hours. Some are even open twenty-four hours a day seven days a week!

Finally, make sure you ask if they have an emergency contact number? Have they ever had to take their pet their for an emergency? These are two important questions. The care you and your pet are given during an emergency can make a lasting impression!

Just in case you need a little help finding a starting point, here are a few local animal hospitals in the Cincinnati area. Some of the same questions you can use to ask friends and other sources for recommendations can also be helpful when asked directly to the staff at the animal hospital.

At Home Veterinary House Calls is located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, about ten minutes South of Cincinnati. This is an ideal location if you live within the city limits of Cincinnati or in the downtown area. They can be reached at (859) 578-0578.

Alexandria Pike Animal Hospital PSC is located at 33 Bluegrass Avenue, Southgate, Kentucky, 41071, about 1 mile South of Cincinnati. They can be reached at (859) 781-1800.

Lewis Animal Hospital of O’Bryonville is located at 2116 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45208. This is a central location to the entire Cincinnati area. They are about two miles North of downtown. They can be reached at (513) 871-1114.

Park Hills Animal Hospital is located at 1555 Dixie Highway, Par Hills, Kentucky, 41011, just two miles South of Cincinnati. They can be reached at (859) 581-5200.

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