Team Building Activity – Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet
  • This activity requires working together in close physical proximity in order to solve a practical, physical problem. It tends to emphasize group communication, cooperation, patience and problem solving strategy.
  • Directions: Ask the a group of 10 -12 to stand inside a piece of 6×6 PVC Sheet. Everyone in the group have to be inside the sheet’s area.
  • Once the group succeeds in having everyone inside the area, they have to try to flip the sheet over without using their hands and no one should be outside side the sheet ( meaning no one can touch the ground outside the sheet.
  • Cautions: Obviously people are going to need to feel physically comfortable in order to get physically close and be supportive of one another. So make sure people are warmed up and preferably have removed excessive jewelry, watches, etc.
  • Allow a time frame of 15 minutes to complete this task and also give the group a total of 50 points but deduct 2 points off each time any of the group member’s step outside the sheet.


The group must work together to ensure everyone manages to get aboard the new management structure. As time goes by, the team must become closer to deal with shrinking margins and increased competition

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