The Legend of Zelda 2005 – Tentative Title

We all remember that little green box with the pointy hat back in the 4 bit days. Now you see a grown man with pointy ears and the pointy hat. Now a days Link is a hero with style, he truly looks real enough to be a human being. Recently Gamecube made “The Legend of Zelda Windwaker” which was the so called sequel to “The Ocarina of Time”. In my opinion it really wasn’t a true sequel but to some it was. Wind Waker was a cartooned visualized version of Zelda and took place 100 years after Ocarina of Time. The next installment of Zelda is said to be a true sequel to Wind Waker. I will go into detail on the many different possibilities that might happen in this next Zelda game.

If you are a true Zelda fan you know the time-line is all screwed up. In a Link to the Past Hyrule (the main land in Zelda) survived the “Great Flood”. In Ocarina of Time Hyrule was alive. In the Wind Waker 100 years after Ocarina of Time Hyrule was flooded once again. That is where the conflict comes to mind. If Wind Waker was the true sequel to Ocarina of Time, then where does Link to the Past come into play? Link to the Past survived the flood, so wouldn’t the next Zelda be similar to Link to the Past? A lot of possibilities, but only we will know when we buy the game. There are two possibilities that I can think of that this next Zelda game could be about. A. Hyrule is flooded and there is images of land in the game( so did Hyrule survive the flood?), or B. This could be a another Majoras Mask like title. Whatever the case may be I am surely excited, and cannot wait until this Zelda game hits the shelves.

Miyamoto told everyone that this next Zelda game will be like no other. It will be the “best” Zelda game ever, and the gameplay will be excellent. I don’t know how much better you can get from Wind Waker, but if there is a way than I would love to see it. Miyamoto told everyone that there would be an advanced view for there battle system. What we all know and love is the classic back flip, forward slash, but Miyamoto said there would be more in this game. Although this game is not out yet we know enough to get excited over it. Just the creation of another Zelda game is good enough to get you excited. Zelda has always been my favorite game, and will always be, but until I see this next Zelda game there is a lot to be decided, as I am way to anxious right now. There is no true name for the next Zelda game yet, but there will be very soon.

The music in the Zelda series has always made the Zelda games what they are. Whether it’d be the exciting sounds of victory or the sad sound of an emotional moment in Links life. There is no difference in any of the Zelda games when it comes to music, but in every Zelda game you can expect either an updated version of the song being played, or the same thing. Miyamoto doesn’t want to ruin the Zelda series by making big changes. Although Wind Waker made a huge change with the graphics, it still didn’t change the feel of the game. In Wind Waker the music sounded different but if you listened to it carefully it still had the beat of the older Zelda games. Who can forget the classic Hyrule Theme? That is in every Zelda game, and will continue to be in every other Zelda game. When Majoras Mask came out everyone thought it would be the true sequel to Ocarina of Time… But it wasn’t. It was a side quest for Link and even though it wasn’t taken place in Hyrule, the main theme still had the theme in it. Miyamoto believes in quality and his on going love for the music continues to grow in every game. When I heard the demos, and videos from Legend of Zelda 2005, the background music had a Zelda feeling to it, so I know the music will continue to be classic Zelda.

While there is still more to learn about this next Zelda game. Anticipation is high in every Zelda fan, and I cannot wait until this game hits the shelves. Expect it to either hit shelved sometime this year, or early next year.

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