Top 10 Songs by the Beatles

The Beatles came onto to the scene in the late fifties and early sixties to change the way we listen to music. Because they revolutionized rock and roll, it is important to remember that this article is only a tiny glimpse of their work. This is strictly my opinion and that is all. It was tough going through and listing songs to be in a top ten list for the Beatles. So here it is:
10. All You Need is Love, 9. I Will, 8. Because, 7. Revolution, 6. A Day in the Life, 5. In My Life, 4. Yer Blues, 3. Across the Universe, 2. I Want You (She’s so Heavy), and #1. Happiness is a Warm Gun.

1. #10. All you Need is Love is the last song on Magical Mystery Tour. It can also be found on other albums. This song was released amidst a political/social movement in the United States in the mid/late sixties. I was not around during the Beatles time, but I am sure this became an anthem very quickly. There is a video of this song somewhere although I am not sure where to find it.

#9. I Will is a beautiful song featured near the end of the first side of the White Album. John Lennon wrote some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. The way the song is composed is just amazing. The lyrics seem to tell of a fellow waiting for his love to come around. This makes the song kind of sad, but in the end he will wait a lifetime.

#8. Because is sort of an a cappella song in the middle of Abbey Road. This song features the classic harmonizing only the Beatles could do. When listening to the song I close my eyes and see our world from outer space. Because is a very lonely sounding song, but listening to it is comforting. Somewhere near the end of the instrumental part you can hear a tuba(?) that sounds like it is blowing a speaker out.

#7. Revolution is the first song on the third side of the White Album. Even still, I was not there, but I am sure this song stopped a few conservatives in their tracks. John writes this song to appeal to people on a personal level. This kind of writing made him seem like a dreamer- which he was, but during the reign of the Beatles many people needed something they could not find or obtain by works. I am talking about hope for a better world. These ideas are as comforting today as they were in John’s time. R.I.P.

#6. A Day in the Life is near the end of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. The song is a typical day of two chaps in London or somewhere else near there. The first man seems like a bit of a sadist while the latter is much happier working in the office. This might be a great way to compare the lives of the two men who wrote the song. After the Beatles John secluded himself to be a family man. Paul McCartney kept performing on the big stage. I have always wondered what the climax in the middle and at the end were representing. If you have an idea please email me at
#5. In My Life is from Rubber Soul. The song is close to a typical song of theirs at the time, but this one is different. For some reason it seems out of place. It is a love song about the important things in life. The Beatles wrote all of these totally amazing pop-love songs all the way until Revolver. Rubber Soul might have been the end of their produced sound marking the beginning of their journey to change music in their eyes forever. It worked. In My Life will remain one of my favorites until the day I die.

#4. Yer Blues is on the third side of the White Album. This song is an amazing display of manic blues rock fusion. I have yet to hear a song close to the same sound. John’s voice matching the chorus on the guitar gives the song a kind of eerie sound to a child. I did not like this song when I was younger because it sounded very scary, but now I enjoy it from beginning to end. Especially the guitar solo.#3. Across the Universe is near the beginning of Let it Be. Another dreamy sounding song by John. The song is very laid back and cosmic sounding. The song has been covered many times by many artists, but not one of the covers can match the overall character of the original. The world seems very distant to me every time I hear this song.

#2. I Want You (She’s so Heavy) is from Abbey Road. This is possibly one of the heaviest song the Beatles ever wrote. In between the crazy rocking madness you will hear the three verses of the song being sung over a blusey guitar part. The real defining part of this song is the organ in the background. Sometimes it is hard to notice, but the sound it gives the song could not be compromised with any other instrument. This song just plain kicks it.

#1. And finally my favorite song written by the Beatles would have to be Happiness is a Warm Gun off of the White Album. This song features about five or six different styles of music. The lyrics are as crazy as the music is proving only the masters of rock and roll can write these kinds of songs. John stole the name for the song off the back of a gun magazine lying around the studio which makes brings up the ultimate question….Did they write this song as a joke or just to plain show off? Either answer would be correct.

So there is my top 10 songs by the Beatles. To tell you the truth #’s three, four, and five all tied for third. The variety between those three alone is something only the musically inclined can measure properly. This list is even without a few styles the Beatles trademarked themselves. As previously mentioned, to properly examine the Beatles, one would have to listen to every Beatles album considering the sound of the album during the time it was released. The Beatles paved the way for modern rock and roll. After the Beatles disappeared, the mainstream suffered through disco and bubble gum pop in the seventies, glam rock and one hit wonders of the eighties, pop groups and college rock of the nineties, and third rate rock and roll the whole time. Please do yourself a favor and buy an older record for the sake of those who created the music that influenced the music we hear today.

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