Vietnamese Restaurants in the Hartford, CT Area

Vietnamese cuisine, redolent with flavors such as lime, cilantro, basil, lemongrass and peanuts, is slowly becoming a popular type of food, among hungry American diners. Vietnamese restaurants are popping up all over the United States, from tiny storefront soup- houses to upscale full- service restaurants.

The Hartford, CT area is no exception. There are several Vietnamese restaurants around Hartford, that serve good, authentic Vietnamese food. One of the most popular menu items at Vietnamese restaurants is Pho, in all its variations. Pho is essentially a noodle soup, usually beef and noodles, to which peppers and other ingredients are often added.

Vietnamese cooking often reflects French, Chinese and Thai influences, resulting in tasty and exciting dishes. Spring rolls, egg rolls and many noodle dishes are common items at Vietnamese restaurants in the Hartford, Ct area. Entrees featuring beef, shrimp, pork and chicken are featured at most of these Vietnamese restaurants. Often, unusual soft drinks, juices and teas can be found at Hartford, CT area Vietnamese restaurants, in addition to some simple, yet imaginative desserts. At most Hartford, Ct area Vietnamese restaurants, prices are low, staff members are friendly and helpful and the food offerings are excellent. Here is a list of five Vietnamese restaurants in the Hartford, Ct area.

Vietnam Restaurant..1131 New Britian Ave, West Hartford, Ct. (860)236-7893
A small, authentic Vietnamese restaurant that is popular with families. An extensive menu is offered and prices are very reasonable. Their pho is outstanding.

Pho- Boston Restaurant..144 Shield St, West Hartford, Ct..(860)953-8678
Located next to a huge Asian market, this Hartford, Ct area Vietnamese restaurant serves up wonderful food. The pho and spring rolls are exquisite. A large menu is offered, including some excellent desserts. Be sure to try the ‘Bubble Tea’. Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines are featured. Open seven days a week. A real bargain.

Truc Orient Express..735 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford, Ct..(860)296-2818
A popular South end eatery, that does a brisk take- out business. Everything is fast and fresh. Casual atmosphere, where families are welcome. A large menu featuring creative specials is offered. Prices are moderate and reservations are accepted.

Pho 501 Restaurant..501 Main St, East Hartford, Ct..(860)569-3700
Fantastic pho, available with many additions. Hot and spicy ‘Bun Soup’ is a specialty, as is delicious Vietnamese coffee. Good food, friendly efficient staff and low prices make this Hartford, Ct area Vietnamese restaurant a real treat.

Viet Huong Restaurant..242 Burnside Ave, East Hartford, Ct..(860)291-9610
At this small, casual restaurant, both Thai and Vietnamese cuisines are served. The food is delicious and prices are quite inexpensive. The staff is very helpful and reservations are accepted.

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