Wall-E Movie Review

What a wonderful film. Wall-E, the newest Pixar creation is about a small robot left on the earth to clean up after the humans have left. His job is to help prepare the earth for their return once it is prepared and ready to grow plants again.

Wall-E is a very human character even though he is a robot. Wall-E is movie that is appropriate for all ages and has themes of friendship, love, and sadness. It is an adventure for the whole family.

The digital animation in Wall-E is extraordinary yet simple. It really takes you into the world of future earth after we have ruined it and moved on to temporary living conditions in space. Wall-E lightly touches on the idea that we must work on taking care of our planet or face an alternate reality in the future where plants don’t grow anymore and earth is filled with trash and junk.

Everyone in the family will enjoy Wall-E and I sincerely think this will easily become another Finding Nemo.

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