What’s In A Name?

From Abigail to Zachary, naming your soon coming child is one of the most creative, thought evoking, and possibly socially havoc-wreaking task a parent can instill upon a child. Many factors influence the choice parents make when deciding upon this
life long decision.

I have once heard that when a person brings home a new pet, it is a good idea to keep the pet in the house for a few weeks or so to let the family get accustomed to their new arrival; to learn about their pet’s traits, characteristics, and personality before deciding upon a name. Unfortunately, parents do not have the luxury of bringing their little darlings home and waiting a month or two before deciding upon a name that suits their child’s temperaments or character. No, with humans, the decision must be made blind to who their child may be; but made in preparation for whom they hope their child will become. With that knowledge in hand, many parents choose to look past family relatives and their characteristic traits which so greatly affected the lives of Mom or Dad and bless their newborns with a name of remembrance many children are named in memory of a loved one. Many times these traditional names are easily recognizable; for instance Margaret Mary or Harold.

Other parents look to future accomplishments and career choices they hold in aspirations for their children and decide upon a name suitable for a doctor, attorney, or a glamorous career in the spotlight of stage and film. Today’s 30ish generation are opting for many of these names, such as Joshua, Michael, Emily, Emma, Hannah, and Elizabeth. These names are classics and have stood the test of time.

Many parents look to modern day icons and pick names of celebrities. When we see little Farrah and Mariah playing in the park, it is no surprise where Mom got her inspiration from. No doubt we can look to the future and see the influence Hollywood has played in the name game. Names to watch for: Dakota
Charisma, Shania, Halle, and yes even possibly a future generations of Apples in the likes of Gwneth Paltrow’s new baby girl

At last, some parents give up on all efforts available and decide to create a name on their own. Some of these unique creations hold very special meanings; a combination of names of people who were of great importance in their lives. Places can be worked into various name tapestries woven together to symbolize a mysterious meaning known only to the parents and their inner circle of friends.

No matter what the land, culture, custom, or religion, naming a child is a sacred ritual. It is the fruition of the union and the birthing of the next generation. It is passed down from the older to the younger, and it is the first area where parents experience their role as “authoritative leader” in their child’s life. It is a huge decision and one which most parents take many months to decide and hopefully a choice which all are satisfied with.

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