Why to Buy an Air Purifier and Which One to Buy

Air purifiers, why do you need one and which one should you buy. These are two commonly asked questions about air purifiers. Do air purifiers really clean the air or are they a waste of your money? Those of you with allergies or other health conditions probably know the answers to these questions, but for the rest of you here is a little air purifier 101.

Why Do I Need an Air Purifier?

Pet dander, pollen, dust mites, airborne bacteria, house dust, and volatile organic compounds build up in your enclosed home and can lead to a variety of health problems. Asthma, cancer, allergies, and chemical sensitivity are some of the common side effects of poor air quality in the home. Studies have shown that the inside of your home can be up to six times more polluted than your outside environment. Windows and doors that are closed the majority of the time lead to an enclosed environment that encourages the development of poor air quality for you and your family. Most people believe they are keeping pollen and other outdoor irritants out by keeping the windows shut, but they are brought inside you home everyday by you heating and cooling system. An older heating and cooling system without a modern filter system can create an unlivable indoor environment.

Pets are continually shedding their fur and people are continually shedding their skin cells. Dust mites live on dead skin cells and can lead to health problems such as asthma, skin irritations, and severe allergies. In an enclosed environment all of these factors can quickly become out of control.

The very act of cleaning your home can lead to further polluting your indoor environment. Cleaning chemicals that contain ammonia emit Volatile Organic Compounds, a known contributor to the ozone. Ozone in your indoor environment can be more detrimental to your health than the layer in the sky. Ozone in your environment can affect the ability of your lungs to function normally, increase the rates of asthma attacks, and aggravate the symptoms of pulmonary diseases. Other indoor sources of Volatile Organic Compounds include underarm deodorant, paint, and wood floor sealers. You thought the fumes were making you feel sick due to their strong smell, but what they are really doing is attacking you lung cells every time you breath them in.

Now that you know why you need and air filter, it is time to move onto choosing one. Once you start looking for an air purifier, you will realize there are thousand of them in the market. It can become quickly over whelming and extremely expensive. Hopefully the following information will help you make an informed decision that helps your wallet as much as it will help your lungs.

Which Air Purifier Should I Buy?

Before you head out to buy your air purifier you need to ask yourself a couple questions. Where will I be using my air purifier? How many square feet is the room I will be using the air purifier in? Do I or does anyone in my family have existing allergies? How much can I spend on the air purifier? How many rooms do I need it to clean the air in? Is the air purifier easy to operate? How often will I have to change the filters? I know that was more than a couple questions, but being thorough will save you time and money. Quick comparisons of air purifiers and their features can be found on the Internet and will make you more knowledgeable about what kind of air purifiers are out there, what they can do and how much they should cost.

Best For Allergies or Lung Diseases

For those of you with allergies or other health problems that are in need of a serious air purifier the IQAir HealthPro & Plus hepa air purifier is a great choice. It is an air purifier and hepa filter in one. It performs mold spore control, pet dander control, house dust mite control, pollen control, and general indoor air environment control. It attacks gaseous contaminants and odors with the use of activated carbon filters. This feature also provides light tobacco smoke control. No air purifier can eliminate second hand smoke. Models come with a remote control that allows ease of use for those with physical handicaps. The noise level for the HealthPro & Plus is less than a ceiling fan, making it ideal for any room in the house. It has six fan speed settings and is ideal for larger rooms. Indicator lights let the user know when the filters need to be changed. The life of the hepa filter ranges from 17 to 35 months, while the pre filter is viable for 7 to 14 months. This is an expensive air purifier; prices range around $900 to $1000, but if you need a quality air purifier that works quickly and thoroughly because of health reasons such as allergies or a lung disease, this is worth the investment.

Best for the Office

If you are looking for a low maintenance air purifier for a room that is 250 square feet or less the AirFree Air Sterilizer and purifier may be the right fit. There are no filters to change on this machine. Although it comes with a user manual, it could not be simpler to get started with the AirFree Air Sterilizer. There is no control panel on it; you merely plug the machine in. It weighs only four pounds and would be ideal to carry to work and place in your office. It runs silently. It is an excellent source of virus control and has the ability to destroy mold spores, viruses, fungi, and other organic matter. It does not remove odors or large particles. It is more affordable with prices ranging around $300.

Best for the Home

Controlling odors may be a feature you would like included in you air purifiers abilities for your home. Pets, baby diapers, and food odors can be a not so pleasant part of your homes environment. AllerAir 5000 Vocarb hepa filter air purifier is an ideal home air purifier. It is powerful enough for larger rooms and is excellent in odor control, smoke control, and gas relief. It offers custom filters for Volatile Organic Compounds, smoke, and virus control. The life of the hepa filter in this model can be as long as 3 to 5 years. The carbon filter can be productive from 1 to 3 years and the pre filter should be changed monthly. While, changing the filters in this machine is necessary it is well worth the results in a higher air quality in your home. It has a low noise level, easy operating with a control knob, and it easily moved from room to room on its four wheels. This is a mid priced air purifier and general costs about $500.

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