Winnie the Pooh Toybox and Tunnel All in One

My daughter has way too many toys. It seems just when I can finally get rid of some broken ones, more seem to come in from grandparents and (sigh) her own parents. About a year ago we decided we would need an extra toy box to help us with all the clutter, and preferably one that was mobile and could be moved to any room to toss toys in. Since I turned my daughter’s entire life into a 100 acre wood theme by the time she was born, we of course opted for a Winnie the Pooh theme toy box. We found Winnie the Pooh Toy Box at a local toy store for 19.99. After looking at all the different designs, we decided on this one because of the versatility and the extras that came along with this particular toy box.

Winnie The Pooh Toy Box

Winnie The Pooh Toy Box is not just an average toy box. First, it is made of a durable vinyl (which makes it easy to clean). Second, it is not only a toy box but also kind of like a crawl through play hut. There are two circles on each end of the toy box that can be unzipped. After unzipped, little ones can crawl the toy box like a tunnel (assuming it is not loaded with toys), and have their own tiny little play hut. The toy box measures right around 30″x 22″ x22″ and can be folded down if it needs to be stored. The top is a bit heavier than the rest of the box and be pulled down and closed with a black cloth latch located on the top inside of the lid. The black latch is small , so it’s important not to pull too hard because it can come off (it’s attached, this is just a suggestion) if it is pulled on too much.

Winnie The Pooh Toy Box is extremely adorable, especially for any Pooh fans. It comes in the colors of red (the top lid), blue (the front and back panel), and orange (the sides). On each side of the front panels, you will find Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet. All the characters are looking bubbly and happy, while a tiny green worm playfully climbs over a blue pot of honey. The words Pooh are written in the top corner in various bright colors.

Experiences with Winnie The Pooh Toy Box

When we first bought the toy box, toys weren’t actually put inside the box for quite some time. After unzipping the side circles. my daughter immediately fell in love with her new “tunnel”, and spent days just crawling in and hanging out in the toy box. When I did happen to load toys in the box, they were quickly pulled out by an impatient preschooler who wanted her tunnel back. She spent several months doing this until she got a bit too big. She can still crawl through the toy box, but a year later she is not as fascinated and of course not as small as she used to be. When we actually started loading toys in the box, I noticed right away that this toy box was as sturdy as promised. I was a bit hesitant in buying a vinyl toy box because my daughter has some heavy toys, and when cleaning the just chunks her toys roughly into the box. However, the toy box remained sturdy and strong. Through all the abuse, the hiding in, the popping out of, the over stuffing, and moving around, the toy box had proven to be convenient and not too easy to destruct.

The toy is also good sized, and a little bit bigger than most standard sized toy boxes. It can fit dozens upon dozens of dolls and toys inside. There is no need to use only soft toys either. We’ve had everything from plush toys to heavy keyboards and blocks in the toy box, and have never had a problem once. The colors have also remained looking wonderful. The box has had to be cleaned a few times (we usually just use warm water and a stain cleaning spray or soap), yet the colors have yet to fade and Pooh and friends still look as good as new. Cleaning is simple as well. Depending on how the big the mess or stain, it usually only takes a few good strokes with a wash cloth and it is clean again.


Although I love this toy box for toy storage, my daughter had the most fun crawling through the box and hiding in it. I think this has made this toy box a little more unique and fun than the average toy box. The fact that it is vinyl and light weight (it weighs around 1 pound) makes it extremely easy if we need to bring a toy box to another area of the house. The colors are characters are appealing to children and are very friendly looking. The price is not bad at all considering some other toy boxes can go for double the price. It is easy to set up, easy to store, and easy to clean. Therefore, yes this toy box is 100% recommended not only for storage but even for a getaway that only littles ones can use.

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