Apology Email to Client

Service providers may have some dissatisfied clients as well. I you are a professional service provider and you have received an email filled with complains from your clients, its mandatory that you respond to it in a professional manner. You have to do everything to satisfy your client and try not to repeat such things in the future.

Start drafting your email by stating that you have received the complaints of the recipient and you offer apologies for any discomfort caused from your side.

In the next paragraph, you have to explain why the hitch actually occurred. Brief the client about the root cause of the problem and assure him/her that any such thing won’t happen in the future. Try to satisfy your client as much as you can and even offer some complementary services as well, so that your client remains loyal to you.

The last paragraph of your email should reassure the client that such mistake will not be repeat ever in the future and you will deliver your best to keep your clients satisfied.


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    Sample of Apology Email to Client

    To: client@mail.com

    Dear Mr. Harry Berkins,

    I received your complaint email today and I present you my sincerest apologies in this regards. Any sort of discomfort caused by my organisation is deeply regretted and I shall try to compensate you in the best possible manner.

    You have mentioned in your email that after my labour force concluded the entire plumbing work of your house and left, you noticed a leakage in one of the drainage pipes running close to the basement of your house. You have stated that the leakage has caused significant damage in the basement. I entirely accepts the responsibility of your loss and will make sure it is duly compensated. I send a labour team tomorrow which will fix the problem and make sure it never happens in the future.

    Once again I apologize humbly to you and I hope you will be well-satisfied from our services after tomorrow.

    Charles Dickens
    Manager Operations

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    Template of Apology Email to Client

    To: [email address of the client]

    Dear Mr./Mrs. [name of the client]

    I offer you my deepest apologies after going though the complaint email you sent me today and I ensure you that all your concerns will be duly adhered and met with results.

    I have come to know that our gardeners have planted the plants in an entirely different order in your backyard than you desired. This might happen during the course of the business and it happened merely because of confusion in understanding of our gardeners. I will dispatch the team of more experienced gardener to your house tomorrow and they will replant your entire backyard according your wishes.

    I once again offer my apologies and hope to have healthy commercial relationship in the future as well.

    [your name]
    [your designation]

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