Best Dog Birthday Cake Recipes

Dogs are known as the “man’s best friend” and why not as they are one of the most loyal and loving pets out there. They are caring creatures and quite fun to play with. So whenever a dog lives with a family for a certain period of time, it becomes a part of the family. Dogs are bought by families to serve different purposes. You can use them for the purpose of security or you can buy a cute little puppy to be a playmate for your kids.

Trained dogs can be purchased from dog training centres. But these days a lot of people prefer to raise dogs from a very young age and train them according to their requirements, and this includes celebrating their birthdays with the family. There are a number of cake recipes that you can use for digs after some alterations off course; peanut butter and banana dog cake, cream cheese icing, bacon and chicken layer cake to name a few.


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    Regardless of the size and breed of the dog, you should celebrate its birthday, or the day of its arrival to the family with a cake to make it feel a part of the family. Dogs love food and attention, so making them their own birthday cake is certainly going to make them feel happy and help the mesh with the family.

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    You can bake a cake at home, or you can order one at a bakery. There a number of decent dog food cooking guides available online that can help you decide the type of cake you want for its birthday. However, contrary to popular belief, dog cakes are very easy to make and they don’t require any special ingredients that you do not use in the making of the normal cakes.

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    Dog cake recipes can include ingredients like wheat flour, baking soda, white flour, baking soda, vanilla, eggs and honey. All these items are safe for a dog’s consumption. You may also add peanut butter and shredded carrots to the cake as dogs love them. However, care must be taken to include any ingredients which may harm the digestive system of dogs, for example chemical preservatives.

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    You can also use plain yogurt for icing on the cake as it not makes the cake delicious and it also makes the icing healthy and nutritious.

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