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Interviews are one of the most important steps towards getting a job. However, sometimes we have to decline calls for an interview for different reasons. Usually it is due to being employed after applying, finding the job to be unsuitable for you or many other issues.

The best way to decline an interview call is to email the organisation at their official email address and let them know that you will not be coming in for the interview.

Start the email by thanking the organisation for considering you as a suitable candidate and asking you to come for an interview.

In the next paragraph, let them know that you will not be able to come for the interview along with the appropriate reason. Conclude the email by showing your appreciation once again for the kindness that was shown to you.


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    Sample of Decline Interview Email

    Subject: Job Interview

    Derek Shaw
    Somecompany, LLC.
    Santa Maria, CA

    Dear Derek,

    I will like to thank Somecompany, LLC. for shortlisting me for a position in the accounts department and calling me for an interview. It is indeed an honour for me to get an interview call from such a prestigious organisation.

    Regretfully, I will have to decline the offer since I have already taken up a similar position elsewhere. It would have been my pleasure to work for your organisation but my present situation dictates me to do otherwise as I have already entered in to a contract.

    I will once again like to express my gratitude to the organisation for considering me for the position and would have loved to be a part your fine company.


    Thomas Miller

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    Template of Decline Interview Email

    To: (Email address of the addressee)
    Subject: (Subject of the Email)

    [Name Addressee]
    [Company Name]
    [Company Address]

    Dear [Name of Addressee],

    It is indeed an honour that a highly respected and reputable name such as [name of organisation] considered me for the position of [name of position] and called me for an interview.

    I regretfully decline this offer on account of some personal reasons. I would have liked to have been a part of your organisation but certain unforeseen circumstances dictate otherwise.

    It was a pleasure to deal with your organisation and I appreciate the kindness I was shown during the initial tests.


    [Name of Sender]

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