How to Download Skins for Yahoo Messenger

Though Yahoo Messenger already has a few skins installed in its program by default, but sometimes users prefer selecting a skin of their own choice – which can be a celebrity themed skin, a favorite animal, or an animated cartoon etc. A skin has no technical connection with Yahoo Messenger thoug, and it can only make your window look attractive and nice; in other words you can say, it is a way to decorate your Yahoo window. There are several sites from where you can install a skin of your choice and a variety of skins have been developed with time. So you can choose as many as want of your preference!


  • 1

    find the skin which you wish to install on your Yahoo Messenger through browsing and then download it.

  • 2

    The downloaded file will be transferred into your Downloads folder in the form of a Zip folder.

  • 3

    Using WinZip, unzip the file

  • 4

    Go to my computer and enter into C drive from the Program Files Folder.

  • 5

    Search for Yahoo folder and then open it, a sub folder by the name of Messenger will be found, double click it and then move into the Skin folder.

  • 6

    In your Skin folder, create a new folder and rename it according to the skin type you have downloaded, for instance if it’s a flower, rename your folder as ‘Flower’. You can rename the file by right clicking the folder and selecting rename form the visible options.

  • 7

    After completing the procedure mentioned above, go back towards the unzipped file and drag and drop each file into the folder that was made earlier; this can be done by resizing both windows and then dragging each file to drop into the new folder.

  • 8

    When all the wp-content/uploads have been dropped into the new folder (Flower folder), sign into your Yahoo Messenger.

  • 9

    After getting logged in, drag your cursor towards Preference and click it.

  • 10

    A window will appear on your screen where you can see the option of Appearances on the left side, click it.

  • 11

    Next to Current Theme an arrow pointing downwards is available, click it. You will see the new skin which you have downloaded recently.

  • 12

    Select the skin and click OK. Your new skin will be on your Yahoo Messenger’s window.

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